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CYLINDER GP 3599552 - Caterpillar

3599552 CYLINDER GP Caterpillar parts CYLINDER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3599552 CYLINDER GP
Weight: 85 pounds 38 kg.

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Paralleling Generators
The instructions that follow contain the procedures in sequential order to be followed when paralleling generators. These instructions and those contained in preceding paragraphs should be completely reviewed and understood before paralleling is attempted.1. Set auto/off/manual switch on all generators to AUTO position (generator set equipped with automatic/manual voltage control option).2. On generating systems equipped with unit/parallel switches, set switch on unit being started (generator set No. 1) to PARALLEL position (open). Set switch on remaining generator set(s) to UNIT position (closed).3. Start generator set No. 1.4. Adjust generator voltage and frequency to nominal.5. Apply the load.6. Verify satisfactory voltage regulation and make certain frequency is not fluctuating.7. Repeat preceding procedures 1 and 2 on generator set No. 2.8. Start generator set No. 2.9. Adjust generator No. 2 frequency and voltage to nominal.10. Adjust speed of generator set No. 2 slightly higher than that of generator set No. 1.11. Observing the synchroscope (or lights), when generator No. 2 is in phase with generator No. 1, close the circuit breaker for generator No. 2.12. Immediately after closing the circuit breaker, measure line current of generator No. 2. It should be well within the rating of the generator. Also, immediately after closing the circuit breaker, observe the kW or power factor meters. The following conditions could occur: a. A high ammeter reading accompanied by a large kW unbalance. When this condition exists, the speed governor is either not adjusted correctly or is faulty.b. A high ammeter reading accompanied by a large kVAR unbalance. When this condition exists, the voltage regulating system is either not adjusted correctly or is faulty.13. Adjust the speed of generator set No. 2 to the point where each generator is carrying the desired share of kW load. (See note following procedure 14.)14. Adjust the voltage of generator No. 2 until the ammeter readings of both generators are near minimum. (See following note.) If kVAR or power factor meters are available, adjust voltage adjust rheostats for equal or proportional kVAR or power factor readings. To obtain best results, final adjustments should be made with full load on the bus.15. With full load applied, readjust the speed and voltage of generator No. 2 until the desired load division is obtained. The best adjustment is obtained when each generator supplies the same percent of its rated current, the power factor readings are equal, or the sum of the ammeter currents is minimum.16. In applications where three or more generators are to be operated parallel, repeat preceding procedures 7 through 15 for generator set No. 3, then No. 4, etc.Shutting Down One or More Generators Operating Parallel
Before dropping one or more generators operating parallel from the line bus, it is essential that the total load on the bus is reduced to equal to or less than the combined capacity of the generators remaining on the bus. Shut down one or more of generator sets operating parallel as follows:1. Reduce load to combined capacity of generators remaining on the bus.2.

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