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CYLINDER GP-HYDRAULIC 3967176 - Caterpillar

3967176 CYLINDER GP-HYDRAULIC Caterpillar parts CYLINDER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3967176 CYLINDER GP-HYDRAULIC
Weight: 21 pounds 9 kg.

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The instructions which pertain to checking and draining marine transmission oil, apply to all 7200 Series Caterpillar Marine Transmissions.Checking Oil Level
1. Check the oil level with the engine warm, idling, and the clutch engaged. 2. Maintain oil level at the FULL mark on the oil level gauge. Add oil through the breather tube on top of the marine transmission housing. Refer to Lubrication and Maintenance Chart for proper oil to use. Draining Lubricating Oil
1. Remove the marine transmission drain plug. If a sump pump is used:a. Connect a drain line to the top outlet of the sump pump. b. Be sure the valve on the engine oil pan line is closed. Marks on the valve must be turned at right angles to the direction of the oil line.c. Open the valve on the marine transmission oil line.d. Operate the sump pump handle until the oil is drained.2. Remove the marine transmission oil filter housing drain plug. Installing Marine Transmission Oil Filter Element
1. Drain the marine transmission lubrication oil.2. Remove the cover assembly - with filter attached.
TYPICAL FOR ALL 7200 TRANSMISSIONS3. Remove the nut, retainer, and element from the cover.4. Clean the filter housing and the cover assembly with clean solvent.5. Inspect the retainer plate seal, and cover seals. Install new seals if necessary.6. Install a new filter element, the retainer, and nut to the cover assembly. Tighten the nut to 10 2 foot pounds (1.38 mkg) 7. Install element and cover. Tighten all bolts.8. Install the drain plug.Clean Marine Transmission Oil Strainer
1. Remove the strainer cover.
TYPICAL FOR 7221 or 7211 TRANSMISSIONS2. Remove the spring washer, strainer and magnetic screen tube. 3. Wash the strainer and magnetic screen tube in clean solvent. If a magnet is broken, install the new magnet properly; the N poles and S poles of the magnets are adjacent to each other so that they repel instead of attract: S - N, N - S, S - N.4. Inspect the strainer, and the seal in the cover for damage. Obtain new parts if necessary.5. Install the magnetic core tube, strainer, spring washer, seal and cover.Filling The Marine Transmission Lube System
1. Install the marine transmission drain plug, or close the sump pump valve on the oil line to the marine transmission.
Be sure both valves (one to the marine transmission and one to the engine oil pan) are closed. Otherwise, a transfer of oil may occur during operation and damage could result.
2. Fill the marine transmission to the FULL mark on the oil level gauge. Refer to the Lubrication and Maintenance Chart for proper oil to use.Cleaning The Breather
1. Remove the breather.2. Wash it in clean solvent.3. Install the breather. Output Shaft Seal
Lubricate the output shaft seal, 1 fitting at top rear of the marine transmission. Slowly rotate the output shaft while lubricating the seal.

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