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1247031 DOOR AS Caterpillar parts DOOR
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Caterpillar 1247031 DOOR AS

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D Engines
When the water temperatur regulators are fully open, the temperature rise across an engine will be equal to the temperature drop across the radiator. This temperature rise across the engine also includes all of the auxiliary coolers which use engine jacket water. Temperature rise across an engine is measured in a similar manner as temperature drop across a radiator. Set up of the infrared thermometer and preparation of the engine are the same as initial preparations for measuring temperature drop across a radiator.Measure the temperature of the outlet pipe near the temperature regulator housing. Release the trigger on the instrument, and then measure the temperature of the water pump discharge pipe. If the temperature differential is not the same as the radiator temperature differential, the water temperature regulators are either leaking, or are not fully open [engine temperature is less than 95°C (200°F)]. This can be verified by measuring the temperature differential across the water pump.To measure the temperature differential across the water pump, first measure the water pump discharge temperature as close to the pump discharge as possible; then measure the pump inlet temperature near the radiator outlet. The temperature differential should be zero. Any temperature differential is caused by water bypassing the radiator.E Others
Most components that are not functioning correctly will usually produce more or less heat (depending on the function) than components that are operating correctly. Generally, the temperature of the suspected component can be compared to other components on the same machine or other machines that are doing the same type of work. Components such as track rollers, idlers, final drives, brakes, etc. can be checked in this manner.Troubleshooting The Infrared Therometer
A Battery Problems
1. If the display fades or there is no display when the trigger is pulled, this is an indication of a low battery, dead battery, or poor battery connections.2. If the display becomes "locked" (will not change reading or functions), or shows multiple functions, or shows erratic numbers (for example, "0c15"), this is an indication of a battery voltage below that needed for correct operation of the microprocessor. Install new batteries.This "locked" condition may also be the result of a malfunction in the microprocessor caused by noise or static electricity. This problem can be corrected using one of the following procedures: a) Press EMISSIVITY up button and down button simultaneously. This should reset the microprocessor to a flashing "1.00".b) Turn the instrument off using the master on-off slide switch. Pull the trigger switch and hold for approximately ten seconds. Release the trigger switch. Turn the instrument on using the master on-off slide switch; cycle the controls as shown in the procedure PREPARING THE INFRARED THERMOMETER FOR USE on page 8.B Loose Connections
Because the infrared thermometer is an assembly of several interconnected circuit boards, it is possible that one or more of the connections has become loose. To determine if this is the problem, remove the screw from the bottom of the barrel/handle; remove the barrel. Carefully unplug the blue

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