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3844311 DRIVE GP-FAN Caterpillar parts D9R
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Caterpillar 3844311 DRIVE GP-FAN

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Installation Procedure
Ensure that all adjustments and repairs that are carried out to the fuel system are performed by authorised personnel that have the correct training.Before begining ANY work on the fuel system, refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "General Hazard Information and High Pressure Fuel Lines" for safety information.Refer to Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting Manual, "Cleanliness of Fuel System Components" for detailed information on the standards of cleanliness that must be observed during ALL work on the fuel system.
Illustration 1 g02704596
Injector code
If the original electronic unit injector (3) is installed, ensure that the electronic unit injector is installed into the original location.
If a replacement electronic unit injector is installed, the correct seven digit injector code that is located in Position (A) must be programmed into the electronic control module. Refer to Troubleshooting, "Injector Code - Calibrate" for more information. Note: Record the seven digit injector code in Position (A) before the electronic unit injector is installed.
Ensure that the fuel inlet port of the electronic unit injector is capped. Ensure that the electronic unit injector is clean.
Illustration 2 g02851878
If necessary, install studs (9) to the cylinder head. Tighten the studs to a torque of 20 N m (177 lb in)
If the original electronic unit injector (3) is to be reused, remove the protective cap from the nozzle and install a new sealing washer (10). Note: Ensure that the nozzle for the electronic unit injector is not damaged during installation of the new sealing washer.
Remove the plug from the electronic unit injector port in the cylinder head.
Ensure that the seat for the electronic unit injector in the cylinder head is clean and free from damage. Ensure that the sealing washer has been removed from the cylinder head.
Position clamp (6) onto electronic unit injector (3). Align the assembly of electronic unit injector (3) to the bore for the electronic unit injector in the cylinder head. Note: Ensure that the clamp is correctly positioned onto the electronic unit injector.
Push only on injector clamp (6) in order to install electronic unit injector (3). Do not apply pressure on any other part of the electronic unit injector. Ensure that the electronic unit injector is pushed firmly against the seat in the cylinder head.
Install washer (8) and nut (4) onto stud (9). Tighten the nut finger tight. Note: Ensure that the washer is correctly orientated.
Remove the plugs from the new fuel injection line. Install the fuel injection line nuts hand tight. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Fuel Injection Lines - Install" for the correct installation procedure. Note: Ensure that the ends of the fuel injection line are seated into the electronic unit injector and the fuel manifold.Note: Do not torque the fuel injection line nuts before the final torque has been applied to the electronic unit injector clamp nuts (4).
When nuts (4) are installed, the nuts must be tightened in two stages. Follow Step 12.a through 12.b for the correct torque sequence.
Tighten nuts

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