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1246728 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts 3406C ENGINE
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Caterpillar 1246728 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  3406C   Caterpillar
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Rear Axle Assembly (with brakes)
(1) Left sun gear and shaft. (2) Left planetary gears (three). (3) Left planetary gear needle bearings. (4) Left ring gear housing. (5) Pinion shaft. (6) Pinion tapered roller bearings. (7) Right ring gear housing. (8) Right planetary gears (three). (9) Right planetary gear needle bearings. (10) Right sun gear and shaft. (11) Left axle seal. (12) Left axle bearing. (13) Left axle shaft. (14) Axle retaining bolt. (15) Left drive axle housing. (16) Left planetary ring gear. (17) Discs brakes. (18) Actuator assembly. (19) Differential case. (20) Differential ring gear. (21) No-spin differential. (22) Differential tapered roller bearings. (23) Right planetary ring gear. (24) Right drive axle housing. (25) Right axle shaft.Operation
Power from the transmission output shaft is taken to the pinion by the drive shaft coupling. The spiral bevel pinion is held by pre-loaded opposed taper roller bearings (6). Differential ring gear (20) is riveted to differential case (19) and the drive from the differential case is transmitted through a conventional four pinion differential to two sun gear shafts which are splined into no-spin differential (21).The differential ring gear and differential assembly is partly immersed in oil thus providing adequate lubrication for bearings and bushings.In each rear axle assembly a shaft projects through the side gear. This shaft terminates in a spur gear which is the sun gear of the (planetary) final reduction gear system. Left planetary ring gear (16) is pressed into the left drive axle housing (15). Three left planetary gears (2) are mounted in a carrier and are positioned around left sun gear and shaft (1) and within the planetary ring gear.The left planetary gears are mounted to the carrier by shafts and rotate on left planetary gear needle bearings (3). The carrier has internal splines into which the rear axle locates. As the sun gear is driven by the differential, the planetary gears are forced to revolve inside the stationary planetary ring gear and in so doing they force the carrier to revolve at a lower speed than the sun gear and shaft.Left and right axle shafts are also held in opposed taper roller bearings and the end play is adjusted by means of selective shims held under axle retaining bolt (14). The shaft terminates in a flange to which the rear wheel is bolted.Disc brakes (17) consist of a series of stationary and revolving discs the latter of which are splined to the shaft of the sun gear, located either side of an actuator assembly (18). This actuator assembly consists of two thrust plates with ramped "pockets" in which steel balls are located. The thrust plates, held in contact with the balls by four coil springs, are connected by suitable linkage to the brake cylinder.The no-spin differential powers both wheels and yet freely permits wheel speed differentiation when required.These are the three main functions:(1) Assures 100% of the available torque.(2) Prevents wheel spin and power loss when one wheel loses traction.(3) Compensates for differences in wheel travel

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