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1247343 ENGINE AR Caterpillar parts G3412C ENGINE
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Caterpillar 1247343 ENGINE AR

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This Special Instruction, REHS1612 provides information in order to replace the bushings in the frames of the height adjusters and the extenders.ReferenceRefer to Disassembly and Assembly, KENR2613, "Extender" and Disassembly and Assembly, KENR2613, "Extender Height Adjuster Group".Assembly Procedure
Personal injury can result from improper handling of chemicals.Make sure you use all the necessary protective equipment required to do the job.Make sure that you read and understand all directions and hazards described on the labels and material safety data sheet of any product used to clean the components.Observe all safety precautions recommended by the chemical manufacturer for handling, storage, and disposal of cleaning agents.
Table 1
Required Parts    
246-5104 Bushing     1    
8I-0256 Bushing     1    
198-1083 Adhesive     1    
450-1081 Dual Mix Applicator     1    
450-1082 Static Mixer     1    Note: The dual mix applicator and the static mixer can be obtained from an automotive parts store.
Remove the tube assemblies from the frames of the extenders and the height adjusters. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly that is listed above.
Illustration 1 g00984066
Extender frame (1) Bore for the 246-5104 Bushing (3)
Illustration 2 g00984068
Adjuster Group (2) Bore for the 8I-0256 Bushing (4)
Remove all of the adhesive from the bores of each housing.
Illustration 3 g00984400
(3) 246-5104 Bushing (4) 8I-0256 Bushing
Use a wire brush in order to create a rough surface in the bores of the housings and on the outer surfaces of the bushings (3) and (4) .Note: The bores in the housing of the older screeds did not contain any grooves. You will need to use a wire brush in order to create a rough surface in the bores.
Using a lint and a chemical free towel clean the bores of each housing. Clean the outer surfaces of the 246-5104 Bushing (3) and the 8I-0256 Bushing (4) with 138-8440 Component Cleaner or 138-8441 Brake Cleaner .
Verify that the outer diameter of the bushing is a loose fit in the frame bore. This action will ensure proper adhesion of the adhesive.
Before, applying adhesive be sure that the expiration of the adhesive has not passed. The product expiration date can be found on the adhesive tube.
Illustration 4 g03644166
(5) 450-1082 Static mixer (6) 450-1081 Dual mix applicator
Apply the 198-1083 Adhesive to the bores in the housings and to the bushings. Note: Do not apply the adhesive in temperatures that are below 16 °C (60 °F).Note: The 198-1083 Adhesive is supplied in a dual cartridge. The adhesive is mixed as dual mix applicator (6) dispenses the adhesive through static mixer (5) .
Make sure that the inside diameter of the bushing is clean. Use a cleaner and a towel that is free of lint to clean the bushing. The towel must be free of chemicals. Insert the bushing into the bore of the housing and remove any excess adhesive.
Install the tube. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly that is listed above.Note: Use locking pliers in order to hold

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