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1695152 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts 3406E
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Caterpillar 1695152 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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The ROP Shop Genuine OEM PTO Switch fits Simplicity 1695104 1695148 1695149 1695150 1695152

06 Jul 2020

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The ROP Shop Genuine OEM PTO Switch fits Simplicity 1695104 1695148 1695149 1695150 1695152
New Genuine OEM PTO SWITCH || Fits Simplicity 1695104 1695148 1695149 1695150 1695152 || No. of Positions - 2, No. of Terminals - 2 || Push/Pull Yellow Knob, Snap Mount || Quality Aftermarket Part with 1 Year Warranty
The ROP Shop Genuine OEM Dual Control Assembly for Simplicity Conquest 1694904 1695152 Mower

02 Jun 2019

Simplicity: Simplicity
The ROP Shop Genuine OEM Dual Control Assembly for Simplicity Conquest 1694904 1695152 Mower
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TRUCK ENGINE  3406E   Caterpillar


July 31, 2006 January 31, 2007PROBLEM
The M16 holes in the main control valve may notbe threaded deep enough which prevents the mounting bolts from properlysecuring the main control valve to the upper frame on certain 320C, 320CL, 320C LU, and 330C L Hydraulic Excavators.AFFECTED PRODUCT
Model Identification Number
320C AMC4565, 4590,4593, 4603
PAB3757, 3762, 3767, 3777, 3782, 3810,3811, 3819
320C L PAC728
330C L KDD1091, 1097, 1098, 1103, 1112, 1119PARTS NEEDED
Part Number Description
1 8T3096 TAP-HAND
4 9X8257 WASHER
See the attached Rework Procedure.OWNER NOTIFICATION
U.S. and Canadian owners will receive the attachedOwner Notification.SERVICE CLAIM ALLOWANCES
Caterpillar Dealer Suggested Customer Suggested
Parts Labor Hrs. Parts Labor Hrs. Parts Labor Hrs.
100% 8.0 0 0 0 0
This is a 8.0-hourjob. U.S. and Canadian Dealers Only - Eligibledealers may enter a Type 2 SIMS ReportPARTS DISPOSITION
Handle the parts in accordance with your WarrantyBulletin on warranty parts handling.MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO COMPLETE THIS PROGRAMAS SOON AS POSSIBLE.Attach. (1-Owner Notification)
XYZ Corporation
3240 Arrow Drive
Anywhere, YZ 99999PRIORITY - PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM FORINSPECTING AND REWORKING THE THREAD DEPTH OF THE M16 MOUNTING HOLES INTHE MAIN CONTROL VALVEMODELS INVOLVED - 320C, 320C L, 320C LU, AND330C L HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORSDear Caterpillar Product Owner:The threaded holes in the main control valvemay not be threaded deep enough. This will prevent the mounting bolts fromproperly securing the main control valve to the upper frame. You will notbe charged for the service performed.Contact your local Caterpillar dealer immediatelyto schedule this service. The dealer will advise you of the time requiredto complete this service. Please refer the dealer to their Service Letterdated January 10, 2006 when scheduling this service.We regret the inconvenience this may causeyou, but urge you to have this service performed as soon as possible toprevent unscheduled downtime.Caterpillar Inc.
Identification #(s)Attached to January 10, 2006 Service LetterRework ProcedureFor 320C, 320C L, and 320C LU Excavators, referto the Disassembly and Assembly Manual, RENR3826, for the 320C ExcavatorMachine Systems. For 330C L Excavators, refer to Disassembly and AssemblyManual, RENR5438, for the 330C Excavator Machine Systems. Review, understand,and adhere to all safety and environmental warnings and notices assaciatedwith accessing, inspecting, reworking, and returning this piece of equipmentto customer use.
Remove the main control valve mounting bolts oneat a time and inspect for damage to the threads.
The following picture shows the damagecaused to the bolt threads when the main control valve mounting hole threaddepth is not deep enough.
If the thread does not show this damage, one ata time, install new 100-3866 M16 Bolts along with a new 9X-8257 Washer.Tighten the bolts to a torque of 240 Nm +/- 40 Nm. There are a total of4 bolts and washers per machine. No further repair is needed.
If the bolt threads have been damaged, the holesneed to be re-tapped. The depth of the drilled hole is correct, so reworkwill involve only cutting the bolt thread deeper. Rework each hole oneat a time, re-tapping to a hole thread depth of 27mm. Use an 8T-3096 M16X2D7 Plug Tap.
The rework to the main control valvemounting hole thread depth can be performed in chassis. To gain additionalaccess, draining and removing the hydraulic tank can be an option.
Clean the threaded hole thoroughly to remove chips,cutting fluid,

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