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1695214 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts 3126B ENGINE
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Caterpillar 1695214 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  3126B   Caterpillar
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Install all film components to the appropriate locations.Installation of the 259-5294 Wiring Harness Fastener Gp
Table 3
Parts List for 259-5294 Wiring Harness Fastener Gp    
Item    Qty    Pt. No.    Part Name    
(1)     1     116-0118     Clip    
(2)     1     7X-2621     Bolt    
(3)     1     8T-4121     Hard Washer    
Illustration 3 g02157637
259-5294 Wiring Harness Fastener Gp view from under the platform. (A) Platform harness (B) Lead wire for the foot switch. (C) Connection to foot switch using N793-GN and 235-BK. (1) 116-0118 Clip (2) 7X-2621 Bolt (3) 8T-4121 Hard Washer
Attach the foot switch lead wire in place with clip (1), bolt (2), and washer (3) .Installation of the 270-6107 Foot Control
Table 4
Parts List for 270-6107 Foot Control - 01    
Item    Qty    Pt No.    Part Name    
(1)     1     093-2069     Grommet    
(2)     1     205-1339     Pedal Switch Gp    
(3)     1     285-1332     Support As    
(4)     1     285-1333     Support As    
(5)     1     285-1337     Stop Plate    
(6)     1     6V-7646     Hard Washer    
(7)     2     8C-8580     Bolt    
(8)     2     8T-0269     Bolt    
(9)     4     8T-4121     Hard Washer    
(10)     4     8T-4137     Bolt    
(11)     1     9X-8256     Washer    
(12)     1     7K-1181     Cable Strap    
Illustration 4 g03257879
270-6107 Foot Control (1) 093-2069 Grommet (2) 205-1339 Pedal Switch Gp (3) 285-1332 Support As (4) 285-1333 Support As (5) 285-1337 Stop Plate (6) 6V-7646 Hard Washer (7) 8C-8580 Bolt (8) 8T-0269 Bolt (9) 8T-4121 Hard Washer (10) 8T-4137 Bolt (11) 9X-8256 Washer (12) 7K-1181 Cable Strap
Install a grommet (1) onto the support assembly (4).
Threading the cable to the switch group (2) through the grommet (1). Bolt the support assembly (4) to the second support assembly (3). Use four washers (9) and bolts (10) .
Install the plate stopper (5) to the support assembly (4). Use two bolts (8), one washer (11) and a hard washer (6), and two bolts (7) for the switch group (2). Refer to Illustration 4 for the location of the necessary parts.
Secure wiring connected to platform harness using cable strap (12) .
Refer to ""Installation of the 259-5294 Wiring Harness Fastener Gp "" for the location of the connection to the switch group (2). Make the connection to the harness for the foot switch lead wire.

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