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1695284 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE Caterpillar parts 3406E ENGINE
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Caterpillar 1695284 ENGINE AR-COMPLETE

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TRUCK ENGINE  3406E   Caterpillar
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Illustration 3 g02911556Engine rotation turns pump input shaft (33), which then rotates two rotating groups (35) and (40). The rotating groups contain a piston and barrel assembly. Pistons (34) and (39) in the groups rotate with the barrel assembly. Piston slipper pads (32) and (38) allow the pistons to follow the angle of swashplates (31) and (37). The rotating groups only generate flow when their swashplates are not at zero angle.When the machine electronic control system sends an output signal to an EP control solenoid, corresponding servo piston (30) or (36) moves. As the servo piston moves, the action of the control linkage causes the angle of swashplates (31) or (37) to change. The swashplate angle is proportional to the signal from the machine electronic control system.Slipper pads (32) and (38) in each rotating group (35) and (40) follow the angle of swashplates (31) and (37). This action causes pistons (34) and (39) to move in and out of the barrel assembly as input shaft (33) rotates. As a piston moves out of the barrel assembly, oil in the low-pressure circuit is drawn into the piston chamber. As a piston moves into the barrel assembly, oil is forced out of the piston chamber and into the high-pressure circuit.
Illustration 4 g02911557
Makeup and Relief Valves
(41) Makeup spring
(42) Relief spring
(43) Check valve
(44) Relief poppetOil in the closed circuit loops acts to close check valve (43). Oil in the charge circuit acts to open the check valve. Flushing and internal leakage cause pressure in the return side of the closed circuit to decrease. This decrease causes charge pressure to unseat the check valve. When the pressure in the return circuit is low enough, the check valve moves the main relief cartridge against the force of makeup spring (41). The check valve opens a passage for charge oil to flow into the return side of the circuit. Charge oil replenishes the oil that the circuit loses from flushing and internal leakage.Pressure in the high-pressure circuit acts to open relief poppet (44). The combined force from the oil in the charge circuit and relief spring (42) acts to close the relief poppet. When the pressure in the high-pressure circuit reaches the relief setting, the relief poppet compresses the relief spring. In this case, oil from the high-pressure circuit is directed into the charge circuit.
Illustration 5 g02911559
Propulsion Pump
(45) Loop manifoldLoop manifold (45) is mounted on the side of propulsion pump (1). The loop manifold houses the loop balance orifices and eliminates the requirement for additional hoses.The forward circuits of the axle and drum propulsion systems are connected through an orifice in this manifold. The reverse circuits of the axle and drum propulsion systems are also connected by an orifice. The orifices allow oil to transfer between the drum and axle propulsion circuits in order to compensate for differences in underfoot conditions.

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