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1247001 EYE AS Caterpillar parts EYE
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Caterpillar 1247001 EYE AS

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Before each use, inspect the current probe and test leads for cracks, breaks or crazes in the insulation. Replace defective parts immediately.
Hands, shoes, and the floor must be dry when making measurements. Do not use the current probe during humid or damp conditions which could affect the dielectric withstanding voltage of the probe and test leads.
Do not attempt to measure current in any circuit in which the current-to-ground voltage exceeds 650V rms.
CURRENT RANGE: ... 10A to 1000A rmsTEMPERATURE RANGE: ... -10°C to +55°C (+14°F to +131°F)MAXIMUM CONDUCTOR SIZE: ... 54mm (2.125 in.)DIMENSIONS: ... 39mm x 104mm x 205mm (1.54 in. x 4.09 in. x 8.07 in.) cable length - 0.9m (3 ft)FREQUENCY RANGE: ... 30Hz to 1000HzTEMP. COEFFICIENT: ... Less than 0.010% per °C (0.006% per °F)CIRCUIT-TO-GROUND VOLTAGE: ... 650V rms maximumACCURACY AT ... 23°C 5°C (73°F 9°F)60Hz ... 1% of input30Hz to 1kHz ... 2% of inputOptional Items For With 6V4960 AC Current Probe
Operation Instructions
(1) For the current probe to operate correctly, the surfaces of magnetic joint (A) must be clean. If necessary, use a mild detergent in water to clean the probe. Dry the probe thoroughly before use.
Use of other solvents can damage the plastic or reduce the effectiveness of the insulation.
(2) Connect 6V6014 Cable (1) to the probe and to the "COM" and "A" input terminals of the multimeter. The polarity of the connections is not important.(3) Turn switch (2) on the multimeter to the 2A position in the ACA range. Put the jaws of the probe around the current-carrying conductor to be measured. Make sure the jaws are tightly clamped together. If the jaws of the probe are clamped around both conductors (as in a power cord), opposing magnetic fields will cancel each other and cause the probe to be ineffective.(4) Read the value indicated on the multimeter display. The current in amperes is 1000 times this value. For example, 500 amperes will be displayed as 0.500 on the 2A AC current range.Warranty
If the probe is received from Caterpillar in a damaged or defective condition, a replacement should be ordered from Caterpillar using the following procedure. Inside the U.S.A., send the claim for replacement probe along with the failed probe to:Caterpillar Service Claims Room
Dock 26
8915 North Pioneer Road
Peoria, Il. 61615
Outside the U.S.A., send the claim for the failed probe to the Caterpillar administering company. Hold the failed probe until advised by the administering company whether to scrap or return.If the probe becomes defective after use, it can be returned to AEMC Corporation for service. A letter should accompany the returned unit, stating the problem and the date of purchase from Caterpillar. Units less than one year old will be repaired under warranty (except for abuse). Cost of out-of-warranty repairs will be charged to the owner. Send the 6V4960 AC Current Probe for repairs to:AEMC Corporation
99 Chauncy Street
Boston, Ma. 02111
Telephone No. (617) 451-0227
A copy of the AEMC Corporation's warranty is shown below.

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