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EYEBOLT 1C4251 - Caterpillar

1C4251 EYEBOLT Caterpillar parts PR-750B EYEBOLT
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Caterpillar 1C4251 EYEBOLT
Weight: 0.15 pounds 0 kg.

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COLD PLANER  PR-750B   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 19
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Do not disconnect any oil lines from the parking brake circuit until oil pressure in circuit has been removed.
2. With the engine shut off, put the parking brake on and release it enough times to remove the oil pressure from the parking brake system. 3. Disconnect the five oil lines from the valve (2).4. Remove the three bolts (1) that hold the valve to frame. Remove the accumulator charging valve. Weight is 35 lb. (16 kg).Install Accumulator Charging Valve
1. Put the accumulator charging valve in position on frame. Install the three bolts.2. Connect the five oil lines to the valve.3. Fill the hydraulic tank with hydraulic oil.Disassemble Accumulator Charging Valve
start by: a) remove accumulator charging valve 1. Remove the retainer (3). Remove the oil pressure relief valve, spring, rod and shims. Make identification of shims for installation.2. Slowly remove the six bolts that hold body group (2) to body group (1).
Remove the bolts slowly from body group (2) because there is spring tension against the body group. Parts can also become lost with separation of body groups.
3. Remove the orifice (4), retainer, shims (5), spring (6), retainer (7), balls (8), washer, charging valve spool (12), springs (13) and (14), and shims for the charging valve. Make identification of shims for installation.4. Remove the spacer (9), spring (10), and flow control valve spool (11). 5. Remove the plug (17), spring (16) and check valve (18).6. Remove the housing (15) from the body. 7. Remove the plug (19) and reaction piston (20) from the body (2).Assemble Accumulator Charging Valve
1. Install the reaction piston (2) and plug (1) in the body. Tighten the plug to 50 3 lb.ft. (6.9 0.4 mkg).
Be careful when handling the reaction piston. Scratches can prevent piston from moving and as a result the position of charging valve can then cause either too high or too low hydraulic pressure in the brake circuit.
2. Install the same amount of shims as was removed in housing (4). Install the two springs (6) in the housing.3. Install two bolts (5), 3/8"-16NC x 4 in. long in the housing. Put the housing (4) in position on body (3). 4. Install the charging valve spool (10) and washer (8) in body (3).5. Put the body (3) in position shown and install the nine balls (9) on the end detent groove of spool (10).6. Install the retainer (7) so the balls will be located on inside diameter chamfer of the retainer. 7. Install the spring (14), shims (13), retainer, and orifice (12) in the body (11).8. Install flow control valve (17), spring (16) and spacer (15).9. Put body (11) on body (3) and install the six bolts that hold them together. 10. Install the relief valve (20), spring (19), rod (18) and shims. Install the retainer and bolts.11. Install the check valve, spring and plug. Tighten the plug to 50 3 lb.ft. (6.9 0.4 mkg).end by: a) install accumulator charging valveb) check the cutout pressure of charging valve. See

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