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FAN 3534552 - Caterpillar

3534552 FAN Caterpillar parts C7.1 FAN
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3534552 FAN
Weight: 5 pounds 2 kg.

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INDUSTRIAL ENGINE  C7.1   Caterpillar
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General Information
Illustration 1 g00525916
Instrument Panel For Generator Set Engines And Marine Engines.
(1) Electronic Instrument Panel. (2) Main Display Module. (3) Quad Gauge Electronic Module - STANDBY. (4) Pyrometer. (5) Ether Starting Aid Switch. (6) "SCROLL" Switch. (7) "CLEAR/MODE" switch. (8) "LH/RH" switch. (9) Gauge Cluster Module - PRIME. (10) Emergency Stop Push Button. (11) Instrument Panel Connector "A". (12) Instrument Panel Connector "B". (13) Alarm Silence Switch. (14) Alarm. (15) Gauge Cluster Module - PREMIUM. (16) Electronic Service Tool Connector. (17) Customer Connector "D". (18) Customer Connector "C". (19) Pyrometer Connector. (20) Engine Control Switch (ECS).
Illustration 2 g00574173
Instrument Panel For Locomotive Engines.
(21) Electronic Instrument Panel. (22) Quad Gauge Cluster Module 3. (23) Main Display Module. (24) "SCROLL" switch. (25) "CLEAR MODE" switch. (26)" LH/RH SELECT" Switch. (27) Potentiometer (Dimmer). (28) Alarm Silence Switch. (29) Horn. (30) Gauge Cluster Module 1. (31) Gauge Cluster Module 2.
Illustration 3 g00574183
Junction Box For Locomotive Engines.
(32) Emergency Stop Button
(33) Stop Button
(34) Overspeed Verify Switch
(35) Engine Connectors
(36) Customer Connector "G"
(37) Power Connector
(38) Service Connector
(39) Instrumentation ConnectorThe 3500B Electronic Panel is the control center for gathering information. The 3500B Electronic Panel gathers information from the Generator Set engine that is equipped with switchgear conversion and all other engine applications. The 3500B Electronic Panel contains the items that are found in the following list.
3500B Instrument Modules
Emergency Stop Push Button
Normal Stop Push Button (Locomotives Engines)
Instrument Module Control Switches
Alarm Silence Switch
Various Circuit Breakers
Relays and Wiring
Interface Connector For The Electronic Service Tool
Interface Connector For Customers
Engine Control Switch (ECS) (Not on Locomotive Engines)
Dimmer (Locomotive Engines only)Configuration
There are two standard configurations that are used with the 3500B Instrument Console. The Standby Package Generator Set with switchgear conversion has two modules that are used with the standard configuration. The other Package Generator Sets with switchgear conversion and all other engine applications will have three standard modules. There is an option for adding a fourth module and a Pyrometer (4). The two modules that are included with every instrument box are the Main Display Module (2) and the Quad Gauge Electronic Module (3). The Main Display Module (2) controls all the instruments and the Quad Gauge Cluster (3) displays the following items.
Engine oil pressure
Engine coolant temperature
DC voltage of the system
Fuel pressure in the engineStandby Package Generator Sets display the items that are listed above on the Quad Gauge Electronic Module. The following items are displayed on the Quad Gauge Electronic Module (9) for other applications.
Right-hand and left-hand exhaust temperature
Right-hand and left-hand air inlet restriction
Fuel filter restriction
Oil filter restrictionThere is an option that allows the customer to add a Premium Gauge Cluster Module (15). The Premium Gauge Cluster Module (15) for the Generator Set applications displays the following items.
Inlet air pressure (boost)
Aftercooler coolant temperature
Inlet air temperature
Engine oil temperatureThe Premium Gauge Cluster Module (15) for Marine applications displays the following items.
Inlet air pressure (boost)
Aftercooler coolant temperature
Marine gear oil temperature
Marine gear oil pressureEngine Control Switch
The Engine Control Switch (ECS) (20) has four positions. The ECS is used to control the engine. The Instrument Panels for Locomotive Engines are not

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