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3844310 FAN GP-BLOWER Caterpillar parts D9R
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Caterpillar 3844310 FAN GP-BLOWER

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Illustration 2 g06003198
(4) 450-7571 Control Harness As
Illustration 3 g06004020
450-7571 Control Harness As to the main cab harness connections
Install Telematics ECM (1), Telematics Radio (Cellular or Satellite) (2) and 450-7571 Control Harness As (Product Link) (4). Reconnect the existing coaxial extension cable (5) to the Telematics Radio (2).Note: Refer to Illustration 3 for the attachment points between the 450-7571 Control Harness As and the main cab harness.Reference: Reference Special Instruction, REHS8850, "General Installation Procedure" for more information about mounting the Telematics ECM and Telematics Radio ECM.
Secure control harness (4) and coaxial extension cable (5) along each route using 3S-2093 Cable Straps or 7K-1181 Cable Straps as needed.
Illustration 4 g03871118
(1) Telematics ECM
(4) 450-7571 Control Harness As
(6) 3S-2093 Cable Strap
When installing 450-7571 Control Harness As (4) secure Harness (4) to Telematics ECM (1) using one 3S-2093 Cable Strap (6) along with the existing clip.
Illustration 5 g03871126
(2) Telematics Radio
(7) 155-2265 Plug
(8) 8T-8737 Seal Plugs
Install one 155-2265 Plug (7) and eight 8T-8737 Seal Plugs (8) into unused Telematics Radio (2) connector port. See Illustration 5.
Install new Product Link antenna (3) through the same hole in the cab roof cap. Replace 2D-2751 Grommet where the antenna harness enters the cab if necessary and reseal with silicone sealant. Refer to Illustration 1.
Illustration 6 g03865983
Antenna Connection
(A) Satellite cable
(B) Cellular cable
(C) GPS Data
Illustration 6 shows the connectors attached to the Product Link antenna. For "PLE641" cellular installations connect the cellular data connection (B, Brown Wire) and GPS data connection (C, Blue Wire) to the existing coaxial extension cable. For "PLE631" satellite installations, connect the satellite data connection (A, White Wire) and the GPS data connection (C, Blue Wire) to the coaxial extension cable.Graphical Display Software Update
The Graphical Display Software is flashed using the same method as the Telematics ECM (Network Manager) and Telematics Radio ECM. Flash the Graphical Display (Informational Display) through Winflash. For information about flashing graphical displays including completion percentage and time information, reference Test and Adjust, UENR5155, "Module - Flash Program".Note: Make sure to flash the graphical display software prior to flashing the product link software to avoid rendering an ECM unusable.Product Link Software Update Instructions
Follow Special Instruction, REHS8850, "Flash the PLE641 or PLE631 Product Link System Using Winflash" to flash the Product Link ECMs through Winflash.
Follow Special Instruction, REHS8850, "Upload Configuration File" to upload the configuration file to the Telematics ECM (Network Manger). A configuration file is required on M-Series Medium Wheel Loaders.Note: A configuration file is required on M-Series Medium Wheel Loaders. Refer to the required software table for the proper configuration file.
Follow Special Instruction, REHS8850, "Set the Product ID on the PLE601 Network Manager". Program the machine serial number EXACTLY into the Product ID field.Note: Refer to REHS8850 for information about registering Product Link and checking for connectivity.
With the Communications Adapter connected, launch ET and connect to the Product Link ECM. Synchronize service meter hours across the ECMs. The transmission ECM should have the master machine hours on a Medium Wheel Loader.Calibrations Required
For machines equipped with Electro-Hydraulic steering, perform

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Caterpillar parts catalog

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