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FILM GP-CAB 2278028 - Caterpillar

2278028 FILM GP-CAB Caterpillar parts FILM
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Caterpillar 2278028 FILM GP-CAB

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4. Install the diaphragm as shown.5. Install the cap.Suspension Pivot Bearings
Occasionally some of the suspension pivot bearing fittings will not accept grease. This can be caused by dirt plugging. This condition can sometimes be relieved by deflating the suspension springs before attempting to lubricate the plugged fitting. If the plugging continues, disassembly and cleaning is required to avoid the damage caused by dry joints. Contact your Caterpillar dealer for assistance. Lubricate seven fittings on each side. Total of fourteen fittings.Three-Point Hitch
Lubricate one remote fitting for the lift cylinder head bearings (1).Lubricate the two fittings (2) on the pitch control link. Lubricate the two fittings (3) on each lift link.Lubricate one fitting (4) on each rockshaft assembly.Lubricate one fitting (5) at the top of both lift cylinders.Quick Coupler
Lubricate Linkage
Use 1U8268 dry spray lubricant at (1) and (2) on both sides of the quick coupler during periods of three-point hitch use.Walk-Around Inspection
Inspect Machine visually
Inspect the implements for damage or excessive wear. Repair if damaged.Inspect three-point hitch cylinders and linkage for damage or excessive wear. Repair if damaged. Inspect the lights for broken bulbs and lenses. Replace if broken.Inspect brake caliper protection scraper. Check for loose mounting bolts at final drives. If freezing conditions have been experienced since last machine use, clean out inner drive wheels to prevent excessive force on the brake caliper protection scrapers when starting the machine. Remove any trash build-up in the engine compartment. Inspect and repair any engine compartment leaks.Inspect the cooling system for leaks, faulty hoses and trash build-up. Correct any leaks and remove any trash from radiator.Inspect the alternator, fan and air conditioner belts for looseness. If a belt appears too loose, see "Alternator, Fan and Air Conditioner Belts" in the "Every 250 Service Hours or Monthly" section. Service the air filter elements when the yellow piston enters the red area in the restriction gauge. Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks. Inspect the tanks, hoses, tubes, plugs, joints and fittings. Correct any leaks.Inspect and repair any final drive leaks.Be sure covers and guards are firmly in place. Inspect for damage.Inspect and repair any transmission leaks. Remove one of the fuel fill caps. Maintain the fuel level to the bottom of the fill neck. Only one cap needs to be removed to fill both tanks. Clean the fill cap as necessary. Drain moisture and sediment, as required, from the fuel tank. The fuel sump tank drain valve is located underneath the machine, behind the transmission. Inspect the steps, walkways and handholds for their condition and cleanliness. Inspect the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) for damage. See your Caterpillar dealer for repairs if necessary.Make sure the horn, lights, guards, etc., are in proper working order.Inspect the operator's compartment for cleanliness. Keep it clean. Check suspension pivot bearings for looseness, out of alignment or obvious wear. Inspect for rocks or mud build-up between drive wheels (1) and idler wheels (2).Adjust the mirror to allow proper viewing from the seat to see close behind the machine.Lines, Tubes and Hoses

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