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FILM-INSTRUMENT 3534977 - Caterpillar

3534977 FILM-INSTRUMENT Caterpillar parts CX31-C13I, CX31-C18I, CX35-C18I FILM
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3534977 FILM-INSTRUMENT
Weight: 0.12 pounds 0 kg.

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22 Apr 2021

US: Yise Knight
yise-T0312 New Turbo Turbocharger 3534976 3539331 3534975 for Cummins Engine 6BTA Turbo HX35W 6BT HX35W-8274L E12PB11 3534917 3802676 3534918 3534977 3534978 3534974
yise Part Number 3534917 OE number 3802676 Description Various Manufacturer Part Number 3534918, 3534977, 3539331, 3534978, 3534974, 3534975, 3534976, 3802676 || CHRA 3537815 (3575215) Turbo Model HX35W-8274L/E12PB11, HX35W Engine 6BT Engine Manufacturer Cummins KW 160/175 Fuel Diesel || Applications 1994- Cummins Various with 6BT Engine || One year warranty. We test each item and 100% ensure that before we ship, if there is any dissatisfaction, please contact us. Professional manufacture, high precision, durable. We are a factory specializing in auto parts, direct sales, wholesale acceptance.If you have any questions, you can ask us.We will reply to your message within 3-8 hours.Our products will also be carefully checked before shipment to make sure there is no problem before shipment. || Delivery time: Packages usually arrive about 5-10 days after they are sent.Urgent items can be sent to DHL and received in about 3-5 days.
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Caterpillar parts 3534977

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PETROLEUM PACKAGE  CX31-C13I   CX31-C18I   CX35-C18I   Caterpillar


Table 1
Effective Serial Numbers    
S/N:4MJ00178     S/N:3RC01258     S/N:3PS00197     S/N:CBB00217     S/N:1JZ00719    
S/N:3CW00258     S/N:2WJ08253     S/N:3RS00340     S/N:CBN00331     S/N:1KZ01539    
S/N:8TL00011     S/N:5SJ00736     S/N:3SS00324     S/N:CDE00313     S/N:1LZ00615    
S/N:60M11065     S/N:4WD00034     S/N:3WS00334     S/N:BRN00196     S/N:CTC00256    
S/N:78Z08086     S/N:5JD00105     S/N:3XS00408     S/N:S2B00109     S/N:CTB00190    
S/N:81Z27732     S/N:8LD00135     S/N:3LS00228     S/N:S2D00105     S/N:CTA00153    
S/N:BDT03431     S/N:9TG00380     S/N:3MS00233     S/N:S2E00143     S/N:CTG00300    
S/N:67U21166     S/N:7NJ01048     S/N:3NS00246     S/N:S2F00102     S/N:CTH00287    
S/N:99U12284     S/N:4EK04065     S/N:5AW00137     S/N:S2J00121     S/N:CTD00215    
S/N:38S23267     S/N:5XM00032     S/N:2EZ00358     S/N:S2K00106     S/N:CTE00363    
S/N:95Y01233     S/N:6PM00053     S/N:4BW00573     S/N:S2L00149     S/N:CTF00264    
S/N:96Y02073     S/N:7KM00077     S/N:3DW00179     S/N:S2M00104     S/N:CTN00208    
S/N:49Y01050     S/N:7SM00990     S/N:1PW00441     S/N:S2N00105     S/N:CTM00346    
S/N:50Y01828     S/N:4TN00837     S/N:2FW00338     S/N:S2R00100     S/N:CTL00747    
S/N:27Z00861     S/N:8KN00584     S/N:1TW00361     S/N:S2S00112     S/N:CTW00487    
S/N:29Z01400     S/N:2BM00188     S/N:2GW00427     S/N:S2W00100     S/N:CTJ00200    
S/N:23Z07946     S/N:3DM00479     S/N:2HW00269     S/N:S2X00124     S/N:CWD00221    
S/N:24Z10164     S/N:7HM00270     S/N:4AW00876     S/N:S2Y00104     S/N:TAM00147    
S/N:25Z07104     S/N:8EM00526     S/N:1NW00145     S/N:3HM00015     S/N:RLR00164    
S/N:68Z01106     S/N:8CN00212     S/N:9KS04084     S/N:9WN00016     S/N:4KC00588    
S/N:69Z00895     S/N:9AN00374     S/N:6JW00129     S/N:3JS00009     S/N:2JW00413    
S/N:70Z01078     S/N:6PN00889     S/N:8PW00344     S/N:2TS00008     S/N:CAN00111    
S/N:65Z01151     S/N:8RM00759     S/N:9PW02815     S/N:AAG00006     S/N:1HZ02737    
S/N:66Z00653     S/N:7RN01955     S/N:BAX02229     S/N:BAG00025     S/N:73Z00973    
S/N:67Z02097     S/N:4GM00743     S/N:BAK02229     S/N:FFG00026     S/N:4CR03949    
S/N:71Z00406     S/N:6WN00803     S/N:BFT02340     S/N:TAK00004     S/N:BRC00159    
S/N:72Z00567     S/N:8AR03307     S/N:BPX00101     S/N:1FZ02204     S/N:1GZ01853    

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