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FILTER ELEMENT-AIR 5088563 - Caterpillar

5088563 FILTER ELEMENT-AIR Caterpillar parts FILTER
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Caterpillar 5088563 FILTER ELEMENT-AIR
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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NOTE C: To verify overspeed shutdown system operation, push in for a moment the verify push button. The engine must shut down at 75% or more of overspeed setting.NOTE D: Input voltage: Maximum 37 VDC Minimum 8 VDC.NOTE E: The engine overspeed setting rpm is 118% of rated engine rpm.NOTE F: The magnetic pick-up frequency (HZ) at the overspeed or cranking termination setting is calculated with the formula that follows: If the rated speed of the engine is other than shown in the chart, the magnetic pick-up frequency for the overspeed setting can be found according to NOTES E and F.If a 2301 Governor is used, only one magnetic pick-up is needed. Use the magnetic pick-up from the overspeed group. Connect the wires from the magnetic pick-up to the overspeed switch and then connect wires from the speed switch to the 2301 Governor. The overspeed switch can be installed close to the 2301 Governor if needed.To reset overspeed switch, push in reset button for a moment.Power Takeoff Clutches
Clutch Adjustment
POWER TAKEOFF CLUTCH (Typical Illustration)1. Disconnect linkage (if so equipped) from the clutch lever. Fasten a spring scale to the clutch lever at the distance, from the lever shaft center, shown in the chart.2. Look at the spring scale. Keep the angle between the scale and the lever at 90°. Pull the lever with the spring scale until the clutch engages. Make reference to the chart to find the correct amount of pull for the clutch assembly. 3. If the pull needed to engage the clutch is not correct, make an adjustment as follows: 4. Remove the inspection plate from the clutch housing.5. Turn the clutch until lock pin (1 or 2) can be seen.6. Release push type lock pin (1) or pull type lock pin (2). Turn the adjustment ring and check the pull needed to engage the clutch again. Turn the adjustment ring clockwise, as seen from the rear of the clutch, to increase the pull needed. Turn it counterclockwise to decrease the pull needed.
1. Lock pin (push type). 2. Lock pin (pull type).Assembly Adjustments
End Play For Shaft Bearings
1. With dry bearings installed on the shaft install the shaft in the housing.2. Install the retainer. Tighten the retainer (nut or shim type) until 60 lb. in. (6.8 N m) is needed to keep the shaft in rotation.3. With shim type retainer measure the space between the retainer and the carrier. Add .013 in. (0.33 mm) to this measurement. Install this amount of shims between the retainer and the carrier. With nut type retainers turn it out the number of notches shown on the chart.4. Hit the output end of the clutch shaft with a soft hammer. This will cause the front bearing cup to move against the retainer. 5. Check the shaft end play with a dial indicator. If necessary add or subtract shims; or turn nut to get the correct end play.Hub Nut Installation
1. Tighten the hub nut to a torque of 30 lb. ft.

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