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Filter, engine oil 71010027 - Caterpillar

71010027 Filter, engine oil Caterpillar parts Filter
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Caterpillar 71010027 Filter, engine oil

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Example of pulse width modulation
Rated Fuel Limit - The rated fuel limit indicates the maximum allowable fuel position.Reference Voltage - The reference voltage is a regulated voltage that is used by the sensor in order to generate a signal voltage.Sensor - A sensor is used to detect a change in the pressure, in the temperature, or in mechanical movement. When any of these changes are detected, a sensor converts the change into an electrical signal."Serv Code" Indicator - This indicator is used to warn the operator of the presence of active diagnostics.Short Circuit - A short circuit is an electrical circuit that is mistakenly connected to an undesirable point. For example, an electrical contact is made with the frame whenever an exposed wire rubs against a machine's frame.Shutdown Switch - The shutdown switch disconnects power from the ECM.Signal - A signal is a voltage or a wave that is used to transmit information that is typically from a sensor to the ECM.Static Timing - Static timing is the basis for fuel injection timing and valve mechanism operation. Static timing is determined by the Timing Reference Ring and the alignment of the rear gear group and the camshaft timing pin.Supply Voltage - Supply voltage is a constant voltage that is supplied to a component in order to provide electrical power for operation. Supply voltage may be generated by the ECM. Supply voltage may also be machine battery voltage that is supplied by the machine wiring."T" Harness - This harness is a test harness that is designed to permit normal circuit operation and the measurement of the voltage simultaneously. Typically, the harness is inserted between the two ends of a connector.Throttle Position - The throttle position is the interpretation of the signal from the Throttle Position Sensor. The interpretation is made by the ECM.Throttle Position Sensor - This sensor is an electronic digital sensor that is used to adjust the desired engine speed. The throttle position sensor sends a signal to the ECM.Total Tattletale - The total tattletale is the total number of changes to all system parameters.Turbocharger Compressor Inlet Pressure Sensor - This sensor measures the inlet air pressure in the tubes in the air induction system. The sensor sends signals to the ECM.Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Pressure Sensor - This sensor measures the inlet manifold air pressure. The sensor sends a signal to the ECM.Unfiltered Engine Oil Pressure Sensor - This sensor is used to determine low engine oil pressure.User Defined Shutdown - This is a switch input into the ECM. The user defined shutdown allows the owner of the machine to install an aftermarket system. This system is used for engine shutdown. The ECM terminates the fuel injection when the switch input is connected to a ground.Variable Speed Fan - The variable speed fan is a system that uses hydraulic oil in order to power a drive motor. The drive motor is connected to the engine cooling fan. Fan speed is controlled by regulating the amount of

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