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2278563 FIREWALL GP Caterpillar parts 304, 305 FIREWALL
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Caterpillar 2278563 FIREWALL GP

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MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  304   305   Caterpillar
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Probable Causes
Fuel supply
Electrical connectors or power supply
No signal from the speed/timing sensor
Ignition system
Incorrect base timing
Excessive load
Noisy ignition transformerRecommended Repairs
Fuel Supply
Make sure that fuel is supplied at a sufficient pressure that is stable. Make sure that the size of the fuel line is sufficient. Inspect the fuel system for leaks.The following conditions can cause the engine to malfunction:
Low fuel pressure
High fuel pressure
Poor fuel qualityMake sure that the fuel pressure is correct. When possible, interview the operator in order to determine if fuel quality is in question. Try to determine if the source of the fuel was changed.Inspect the fuel system components: fuel filter, gas pressure regulator, gas shutoff valve and fuel metering valve. Verify that the system's components are operating correctly.Replace the fuel filter, if necessary.Electrical Connectors or Power Supply
There may be an intermittent interruption of power. Check the wiring harnesses and the connectors. Inspect the connectors in the terminal box. Inspect the power supply connections and the ground.Inspect the wiring from the power supply to the master ECM and to the slave ECM. Check the power and ground connections. Refer to Troubleshooting, "Electrical Power Supply".No Signal from the Engine Speed/Timing Sensor
Make sure that the speed/timing sensor is installed correctly. Refer to Troubleshooting, "Engine Speed/Timing Sensor".Make sure that the timing wheel is correctly installed.Ignition System
Inspect the ignition transformers for the following conditions: loose connections, moisture, short circuits and open circuits. Inspect the primary wiring and the secondary electrical connections.Make sure that the correct transformers and spark plugs are installed. Inspect the extenders for signs of pin holes and of arcing.Maintain the spark plug according to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Ignition System Spark Plugs - Replace".Check the Base Timing
Verify that the base timing is correct. Refer to Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Ignition Timing - Adjust".Excessive Load
Make sure that the load is not excessive. Reduce the load. If necessary, disengage the driven equipment and test the engine.Noisy Ignition Transformer
A transformer that creates electrical noise can cause communication errors between the electronic control modules. When this occurs, one or both of the following diagnostic codes are generated:
590-09 Unable to communicate with Engine ECM
1636-09 Loss of Communication with Engine #2 (Slave)These codes are usually accompanied by a diagnostic code for the engine speed/timing sensor. The engine will shut down. When the engine is shut down, you can clear the codes.The problem is a noisy transformer if the codes recur on a subsequent attempt to start the engine. Perform the following procedure in order to identify the noisy transformer:
Clear all diagnostic codes.
Record the values of the "Engine Purge Cycle Time" and the "Cycle Crank Time" parameters.
Set the "Engine Purge Cycle Time" to 25 seconds. Set the "Cycle Crank Time" to 35 seconds.
Crank the engine.The engine will crank through the purge cycle. When the purge cycle time is complete, the ignition will turn on and the "communication" diagnostic codes will be generated. The engine will not start.
Turn the gas supply OFF.
Set the "Engine Purge Cycle Time" to zero seconds.
Disconnect the connector for an ignition transformer.Note:

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