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FIREWALL GP 2278564 - Caterpillar

2278564 FIREWALL GP Caterpillar parts FIREWALL
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Caterpillar 2278564 FIREWALL GP

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Commercial Oils
If Cat oils cannot be used, the following oil specifications provide guidelines for the selection of commercial products:* If API CF-4 oils are not available then use API CE, CE/SG, CCMC D4 or MIL-L-2104ECommercial oils which have been used with success in the past may continue to be used, provided the formulations have not changed (consult with your oil supplier). However, the use of these oil products will not allow the wider use in all Caterpillar engines and other manufacturer's engines as the API CF-4 oils.Commercial oils meeting these specifications may require shortened oil change intervals as determined by close monitoring of oil condition with Scheduled Oil Sampling (S O S).
Failure to follow the oil recommendations can cause shortened engine life due to piston carbon deposits, liner bore polish and/or abnormally higher increasing oil consumption.
Consult with your Caterpillar dealer for the latest lubrication recommendations.Fuel Sulfur
The percentage of sulfur in the fuel will affect the engine oil recommendations. For fuel sulfur effects, the Infrared Analysis or the ASTM D2896 procedure can be used to evaluate the residual neutralization properties of an engine oil. The sulfur products formation depends on the fuel sulfur content, oil formulation, crankcase blowby, engine operating conditions and ambient temperature.Caterpillar's 20 times rule for TBN (Reference: Oil and Your Engine SEBD0640) versus fuel sulfur is a general requirement which was developed in the early 1980s for Caterpillar prechamber combustion system (PC) engines with the oil formulations of that era. The fuel sulfur neutralization of today's newer oil formulations along with direct injection combustion system (DI) engines are more effective. Field results indicate that DI engines and the oils now recommended for these engines will operate at an oil TBN equal to 10 times the fuel sulfur.Therefore, the Caterpillar requirements will reflect this new value of 10 times instead of 20 times for oil TBN when related to fuel sulfur for Cat DI engines and the API CF-4 oils. Used oil analysis should be a part of the overall program to provide the assurance that a particular engine installation with all its parameters (engine, oil, operation, maintenance and fuel) are under control.Steering Hydraulic Oil
Cat Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)
Cat Hydraulic Oil is formulated with a balanced additive system, including detergents, rust inhibitors, antiwear agents and defoamers. It will offer maximum protection against mechanical wear, rusting and corrosive wear in all hydraulic and hydrostatic transmission systems.Cat Hydraulic Oil should be used to achieve maximum life and performance from hydraulic system components and hydrostatic transmissions. Use of Cat Hydraulic Oil is recommended in most hydraulic and hydrostatic systems.* Cat Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)If higher viscosities are required because of high ambient temperatures, the following Caterpillar oils can be used:* Cat Diesel Engine Oil DEO (CF-4)* Cat Diesel Engine Oil DEO (CD)* Cat Transmission/Drive Train Oil (TDTO)Commercial Oils
If Cat oils cannot be used, the following commercial classifications can be used in the hydraulic and hydrostatic transmissions:* API CF-4/SG, CE/SG, or CD/SG* MIL-L-2104EPremium industrial hydraulic oils that have passed the Vickers vane pump

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