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FITTING NUT 1/ 1C4220 - Caterpillar

1C4220 FITTING NUT 1/ Caterpillar parts FITTING
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Caterpillar 1C4220 FITTING NUT 1/
Weight: 0.02 pounds 0 kg.

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Transmission Hydraulic Tests
Make reference to the on the first page of Testing And Adjusting section.
Transmission Pump
Specifications For Bench TestType ... GearNumber of sections ... OneRotation ... CounterclockwiseOutput (minimum) [using SAE 10W oil at 49°C (120°F)] ... 57 liter/min (15 U.S. gpm)Based on speed of ... 1800 rpmWhen developing pressure of ... 2750 kPa (400 psi)Torque Converter Stall Test
The converter stall test is a test of the engine, torque converter, drive train, and brake system as a unit. The converter output is stalled while the engine is operated at full throttle. This test will give an indication, by the speed the engine reaches, whether the engine and transmission performance is acceptable (satisfactory) under full load. A lower or higher speed than that given as normal are indications of either engine or transmission problems. If the engine performance is correct, and the stall speed is not correct, the problem is in the converter or transmission. To check the engine performance, see Service Manual Modules SENR1214 for information on the Caterpillar 3114, 3116 Engine.The drive wheels must not turn during the stall test. Put the machine in position against a solid object (if available), that will not move (such as a loading dock). Engage the parking brake. When tests are made, the service brakes must be applied. Make sure the transmission oil is at normal temperature for operation, 82 to 93°C (180 to 200°F).
To help prevent personal injury, Perform tests in a clean level area only and with ventilation for the exhaust. There must be only one operator. Keep all other personnel away from the machine. Check the operation of the brakes before the tests are made.
1. Install the 9U-7400 Multitach Group on the engine. The 9U-7400 Multitach Group can measure engine rpm by the use of the photo pickup and reflective tape.2. Apply the service brakes and start the engine.
To make sure that the transmission oil does not get too hot, do not keep the torque converter in a full stall condition for more than 30 seconds. After the torque converter is stalled, put the control in NEUTRAL and run the engine at 1200 to 1500 rpm to cool the oil.
3. Put the transmission control lever in FOURTH SPEED FORWARD. Push the accelerator pedal down completely. Allow the engine rpm to stabilize and take a reading from the tachometer.4. The correct stall speed is 2144 65 rpm.Stall speeds that are low are an indication that engine performance is not correct. If the test is to be repeated, allow at least two minutes between tests with the transmission in NEUTRAL.Electrical Tests
For a complete electrical schematic of the 928G Wheel Loader and IT28G Integrated Toolcarrier, see SENR1229 Electrical System Schematic.Electrical connections between harnesses may not be tight. This can cause electrical problems, either continuous or intermittent (come and go). Make sure all connectors in the circuit are fastened correctly before tests are performed.Solenoid Test
This test will determine if the electrical coil is energizing and the

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