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0005348 FLANGE Caterpillar parts FLANGE
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Caterpillar 0005348 FLANGE
Weight: 10 pounds 4 kg.

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Required Equipment and Chemicals
The basic equipment for checking oil cooler cleanliness consists of two items:
Millipore XX71-047-011 Fluid Contamination Kit.Contents: 115 V vacuum pump, glass filter cup with filtering flash and hose, filtering dispenser, forceps, petri slides, and 47 mm (1.9 in) filters (specify 8M SCW04700 white).
Cole Parmer 3890-00-FG Magnifier, 60X.This is an inexpensive hand microscope, with reticle scale.Other Options and Replacement Parts
There are components that can be purchased separately to improve your filtering system or to use as replacement parts.
Millipore XX15-047-00 all glass filtering apparatus (glass filter cup and vacuum flask).
Millipore XX20-047-20 stainless steel filter cup.This is a replacement stainless steel filter cup and vacuum flask for the fluid contamination kit. It is recommended for high usage applications.
Table 14
Replacement Parts for XX20-047-29 Filter Cup
Description Catalog Number
Base with screen, gasket, and stopper XX20-047-02
Teflon gasket (25/pk) XX20-047-03
Funnel and locking ring XX20-047-04
Nylon lock-wheels and wrench set XX20-047-07
Stainless steel support screen XX20-047-08
#8 Neoprene Stopper, 9.6 mm (0.38 inch) hole (5/pk) XX20-047-18
Locking ring assembly XX20-047-01
Millipore XX10-047-05 glass vacuum flask.
Millipore SCW04700 [8.0 micron, white, 47 mm (1.9 inch) filters].
Graduated polyethylene bottle 850.0 mL (28.9 oz). XX64-037-10.
Filtering solvent. Dupont Freon TF fluorocarbon solvent (trichlorotrifluoroethane), or suitable solvent, must be prefiltered before using for testing.General Requirements
Prefilter the solvent to remove any particles that might influence the results of the test. Use a Millipore SCWP04700, 8.0 micron, or equivalent.
Do the cleanliness tests in a bright, clean area that is free of airborne dust.
Flush the outside of the part and any areas which are not controlled for cleanliness. Discard the solvent after use for flushing. Cleanliness-controlled areas on engine coolers are the internal surfaces or the oil side of the cooler (not inside the copper tubes).
Clean the filter cap to remove any particles.Patch Test Procedure
Pour about 500 mL (17 oz) of filtered, clean solvent into an oil port on the oil cooler.
With a gentle rocking motion, tip the oil cooler back and forth to allow the solvent to flow back and forth 15 to 20 times.
Pour the solvent from the oil cooler into the vacuum filter set-up.
Turn on the vacuum and filter the solution through the dried 8.0 micron filter paper at maximum pull.
As the level of the sample liquid decreases in the funnel, use the spray bottle to direct a fresh spray of clean solvent rinse against the funnel walls. Fill the sample bottle 1/3 full with solvent rinse. Shake well and pour the contents into the funnel along the walls.
Discontinue the vacuum when the liquid level in the funnel falls to the narrow neck. Rinse the funnel surface again to wash any remaining particles into the filter paper.Note: Do not let the liquid strike directly on the filter surface because this will cause voids in the patch.
Continue to apply the vacuum until all visible moisture has been removed from the filter paper. Discontinue the vacuum and remove the funnel from the base. If you are using the stainless steel filter cup, turn the aluminum locking ring one quarter revolution counter clock-wise. With smooth-tip forceps, carefully lift

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