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SMHS6768 FORM Caterpillar parts D5H FORM
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Caterpillar SMHS6768 FORM

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Align the piston rod and barrel carefully to avoid damaging the cylinder during reassembly.
Make vertical or diagonal adjustments by turning the nuts on the cylinder supports to align the piston rod and barrel with the piston rod. Any needed adjustments are normally made at the cylinder support that is under the barrel. Turning both nuts the same amount, in the same direction, will move the barrel straight up or straight down. Turning just one nut will move the barrel diagonally.
Lubricate the piston and new seals.
Using indexing cylinder (13), insert the piston rod into the barrel, watching carefully for any sign of binding.Note: If there is no ramp in the barrel, use a piston ring compressor. Refer to the manufacturers instructions.
Continue inserting the piston until the opening of the barrel meets the gland retainer. Move the cylinder support under the piston rod as necessary.
Check alignment of the gland retainer with the opening of the barrel. Make any necessary adjustments at the cylinder support that is under the barrel.
If the cylinder has a threaded gland retainer:
Lubricate the threads as recommended by the manufacturer.
Start screwing the gland retaining nut into (or cap onto) the barrel by hand. When the barrel and piston rod are perfectly aligned, the retaining nut or cap should screw on most of the way by hand. Do not start the installation of gland retainer using hydraulic power. There is no way to tell if the nut is cross-threading or if the alignment is improper.
Complete installation of the retainer by following, in reverse order, the instructions in the ""Disassembling the Cylinder"" Section of this manual. Torque to meet the manufacturers specifications.
If the cylinder has a bolted gland retainer:
Lubricate the retaining bolts as recommended by the manufacturer.
Insert the bolts and torque to meet the manufacturers specifications.
Remove the cylinder from the Servicer by reversing the steps described in the ""Mounting the Cylinder"" Section of this manual.Maintenance Section
Servicer Maintenance
Check all critical Servicer components for damage and wear before each use. Replace damaged or worn components immediately.
Check the floor mounting hardware for the bench legs and torque tracks daily to make sure that legs are securely mounted to the floor.
Check all Servicer welds for signs of fatigue and cracks before each use.
Keep the bottom of the head stock tube lightly greased.
Change the hydraulic poser unit filter as indicated by the clog gauge.
Check the hydraulic fluid level on the sight gauge weekly.
Maintain the gear reducer per manufacturers recommendations.For further assistance, write or call:Tuxco Corporation
4300 Grove Ave.
Gurnee, IL 60031-2155
Telephone: 847/244-2220Toll Free: 800/613-6979Fax: 847/244-7335Attaching Hoses to HCS-40 Hydraulic Power Supply
The six hoses that provide power to the various cylinders and the nut runner on the HCS-40 are color coded. Color coding makes attaching hoses to the power unit and to the bulkhead fittings on the rear leg easy.
Table 1
Description     Color-Code    
Indexing Cylinder Extend Hose     BLUE    
Indexing Cylinder Retract Hose     ORANGE    
Nut Runner Torque Hose     RED    
Nut Runner Detorque Hose     YELLOW    
250' Torque Hose Extension

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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