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GASKET (CHAIN 1C3972 - Caterpillar

1C3972 GASKET (CHAIN Caterpillar parts GASKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1C3972 GASKET (CHAIN
Weight: 0.25 pounds 0 kg.

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All 3200 Engines
The mounting holes in the cylinder head at location (A), used for a lifting bracket (or for other brackets), may be a different size than the mounting holes in the original cylinder head, therefore, some rework and additional parts may be needed.Earlier cylinder heads had bracket mounting holes with 3/8"-16-2B threads. Later cylinder heads have bracket mounting holes with 1/2"-13-2B threads.1. If an earlier type cylinder head is used as a replacement for a later type cylinder head, the replacement cylinder head will have 3/8"-16-2B threads in the mounting holes at location (A). Install the bracket with 0S1594 Bolts and 5M2894 Washers.2. If a later type cylinder head is used as a replacement for an earlier type cylinder head, the holes in the lifting bracket (or other bracket) must be enlarged to 13.0 mm (0.53")Ø. Use 6H1717 Bolts and 5P8245 Washers to fasten the lifting bracket to the replacement cylinder head.All 3200 DINA Engines
These engines use two different types of fuel injection nozzles. Parts needed will depend on the type of nozzles used in the engine being repaired. 1. The two types of fuel injection nozzles that are used on 3200 DINA engines are the pencil-type nozzle (1), and 7000 Series nozzle (2). Fuel enters from the side in pencil-type nozzle (1), and from the top on 7000 Series nozzle (2).2. For those engines that have pencil-type nozzle (1), the nozzles must be installed in the Remanufactured cylinder head using the new 1W2459 Fuel Nozzle Clamp Assemblies provided.For those engines that have 7000 Series nozzle (2), use the original type clamps.All 3208 Engines
1. If the cylinder head is to be used on the left side of the engine, install a 9L7657 Cup Plug at location (A). If the cylinder head is to be used on the right side of the engine, install a 9L7657 Cup Plug at location (B).On all cylinder heads, install a 7H3171 Hex Countersunk Head Plug at location (C).2. Install 5M6213 Plugs at locations (D) as necessary. Due to the different size holes in earlier and later cylinder heads, install either a 2B0858, or a 5M6214 Plug in the opening at location (E). Some earlier DINA engines had cylinder heads with different (shorter) length head bolts at locations (F). These cylinder heads can be identified by the casting part number at location (G).Former cylinder heads with a 9L9270 casting part number use three 2B0947 Bolts [57.0 mm (2.25") long]. These bolts must be replaced with three 0L1329 Bolts [76.0 mm (3.00") long], that are not included in this cylinder head group.3. Install the new cylinder head gasket. Put the cylinder head in position on the cylinder block. Put 6V4876 Molykote Lubricant on the threads of the cylinder head bolts, then install the bolts in their correct location
Do not put oil in the threaded holes. It could cause a hydraulic lock when the head bolts are installed. This could result in damaged threads or a cracked block. Tighten the bolts in the correct sequence

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