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GASKET 7B0229 - Caterpillar

7B0229 GASKET Caterpillar parts D342 GASKET
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 7B0229 GASKET
Weight: 0.05 pounds 0 kg.

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Caterpillar GASKET (7B0229)

20 Jun 2018
11 Hundredths Pounds
Caterpillar GASKET (7B0229)
7B0229 Caterpillar Weight(lbs): 0.10 Length(cm): 13.3000 Width(cm): 8.0000 Depth(cm): 0.1000
Number on catalog scheme: None
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MARINE ENGINE  Caterpillar


Engine3508B (S/N: 6PN1-UP)Introduction
A Technical Analysis (TA2) is a condensed condition monitoring document. The TA2 contains basic procedures and factory specifications for critical machine systems such as the engine, transmission, and hydraulics. Using a TA2 can help the technician determine whether the machine is operating optimally or requires additional service.Note: Before adjusting product settings to comply with listed baseline TA2 values, consult SIS for the latest specification values.Creating an Electronic Copy
Use the following procedure to create an editable electronic copy from SIS Web.
Click format to print.
Save the document as an HTML format.
Open the document with Microsoft Word.Electrical System
Table 1
Status(1) Description Specification Actual Comments
Inspect Battery Cables Cables between the battery, the starter, and the engine ground must be the correct size. Wires and cables must be free of corrosion. Wires and cables must have cable support clamps to prevent stress on battery connections (terminals).
Battery Test 12.4 VDC or more Refer to Special Instruction, SEHS7633, "Battery Test Procedure".
Charging System Test 28 1 V Refer to Testing and Adjusting, SENR6563, "Charging System".
Electric Starting System Test 12 to 16 V at −23° C (−10° F) to −7° C (19° F) Refer to Testing and Adjusting, SENR6563, "Electric Starting System".
14 to 18 V at −7° C (19° F) to 10° C (50° F)
16 to 24 V at 10° C (50° F) to 27° C (80° F)
(1) N = Normal, M = Monitor, A = ActionEngine
Cooling System
Table 2
Status(1) Description Specification Actual Comments
Radiator Pressure Relief (Radiator Cap)(2) -
Freezing Point of Engine Coolant -
Conditioner Test of Engine Coolant -
Belt Tension - Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Jacket Water Pump Inlet Temperature 79 to 85° C (174 to 185° F)
Differential Temperature Between the Jacket Water Inlet and the Jacket Water Outlet. −18 to -8° C (0 to 18° F)
Water Temperature to SCAC 27 to 33° C (80 to 91° F)
(1) N = Normal, M = Monitor, A = Action
(2) Test for the pressure that is listed on the cap.Fuel System
Table 3
Status(1) Description Specification Actual Comments
Fuel Pressure 310 to 621 kPa (45 to 90 psi)
(1) N = Normal, M = Monitor, A = ActionLubrication System
Table 4
Status(1) Description Specification Actual Comments
Engine Oil Pressure at Low Idle 214 to 600 kPa (31 to 87 psi)
Engine Oil Pressure 317 to 600 kPa (46 to 87 psi)
(1) N = Normal, M = Monitor, A = ActionBasic Engine
Table 5
Status(1) Description Specification Actual Comments
Engine Speed at Low Idle 900 10
Engine Speed at High Idle 1515 15
Cylinder Cutout Test - Cat® Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
(1) N = Normal, M = Monitor, A = ActionAir Inlet and Exhaust System
Table 6
Status(1) Description Specification Actual Comments
Boost Pressure 166.1 to 224.8 CM_HSG (65.4 to 88.5 IN_HSG)
Cylinder # 1 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 2 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 3 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 4 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 5 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 6 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 7 Exhaust Temperature(2)
Cylinder # 8 Exhaust Temperature(2)
(1) N = Normal, M = Monitor, A = Action
(2) Compare the exhaust temperature variance at each exhaust port.S O S
Reference: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU9096,

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D342 MARINE ENGINE 32B00001-01539
D342 ENGINE 31B00001-02477
D342 MARINE ENGINE 32B00001-01539

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