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2277879 HARNESS AS Caterpillar parts HARNESS
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Caterpillar 2277879 HARNESS AS

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Inspect for worn or frayed webbing.Check for worn or damaged buckle or anticreep slide on each half of the belt. Replace the belt, buckle or slides if they are worn or damaged.Inspect the belt mounting hardware. Replace any damaged or worn hardware. Keep the mounting bolts tight.Adjust Seat Belt
Adjust both ends of the belt. The belt should be snug but comfortable. For adjustment procedures, see topic, "Seat Adjustment" in the "Operator's Compartment" section of this book.Ether Cylinder
Change Cylinder
Ether is poisonous and flammable.Breathing ether vapors or repeated contact of ether with skin can cause personal injury.Use ether only in well ventilated areas.Use ether with care to avoid fires.Do not smoke while changing ether cylinders.Do not store ether cylinders in the operator's compartment or living areas.Do not store ether cylinders in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 39°C (102°F).Discard ether cylinders properly. Do not puncture or burn ether cylinders.Keep ether cylinders out of the reach of unauthorized personnel.
1. Remove the used gasket and install the new gasket provided with each new cylinder.2. Install the new cylinder. Tighten the cylinder hand tight. Refasten the cylinder clamp securely around the cylinder.Cooler Screens - Hoist, Converter and Brake
Clean Screens
Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.
1. Remove the drain plug (1) from the cooler and drain the oil.2. Loosen the bolts from hose assemblies (2).Remove the hose assemblies. To prevent damage to the screen, hold the screen in place in the elbow when removing. 3. Remove the bolts from elbow (3).4. Remove the elbow and screen. Clean the screen and elbow in clean, nonflammable solvent. Inspect the screen seal. If the seal is damaged, use a new one. 5. Install the elbow and screen assembly.6. Install the hose assemblies to the elbow.7. Start the engine and run it at low idle. Check for leaks. 8. Check the hoist, converter and brake hydraulic system oil level. Maintain the oil level to the full mark in the sight gauge.9. Add oil if necessary. 10. There are two screens to be cleaned. Use the same procedures to remove and clean the cooler screen located on the left side of the engine.Hoist Return Screen and Suction Screens
Clean Screens
Clean screens whenever there is a failure of brakes, torque converter, lift cylinder or hoist pumps.
Hot oil and components can cause personal injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.
Hoist Return Screen
1. Remove the drain plug from the hoist, converter and brake hydraulic tank. Install a 1 inch NPT pipe nipple 88 mm (3.50 inches) long, to drain the oil. Remove the pipe nipple. Clean and install the drain plug. 2. Remove the bolts from the hydraulic tank cover and remove the cover.3. Clean any debris from the bottom of the tank. 4. Remove retaining nuts (1) from covers (2). Remove screens (3).5. Clean the screens, covers and retaining nuts in clean, nonflammable solvent.6. Wash the hydraulic tank cover in clean, nonflammable solvent. Inspect the cover

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