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2278032 HARNESS AS Caterpillar parts HARNESS
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Caterpillar 2278032 HARNESS AS

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Priming the Fuel System
1. Unlock and pull out the priming pump plunger.2. Operate the pump to fill the new filter elements with fuel. Continue pumping until resistance is felt, indicating the elements are full of fuel.3. Push the priming pump plunger down and lock it.4. Start the engine and look for leaks around the filter elements.Transmission
Change Filter
1. Remove and discard the transmission oil filter element. Make sure all of the old filter seal is removed from the filter base.2. Apply a thin coat of oil to the seal on the new filter.3. Install the filter by hand until the filter contacts the base. Tighten 3/4 turn more. There are rotation index marks on each new filter spaced 90° apart, to be used as a guide for tightening. 4. Make sure oil is visible on the dipstick.5. Start and run engine for a few minutes. Inspect for leaks.6. Stop the engine.7. Maintain the oil level between the ADD and FULL marks on the dipstick. 8. Remove the oil fill plug and add oil if necessary.9. Clean and install the fill plug.PTO Driveshaft
Lubricate one fitting on the slip spline.Drive Belt Tensioner
Measure - Adjust Cylinder
Spring force can cause personal injury or death. See your Caterpillar dealer for disassembly instructions.
Measure the Cylinder Extension
The idlers and suspension springs must be properly inflated for correct measurements.1. Clean the undercarriage. Move the machine forward and allow it to stop without applying the brake pedal.2. Stop the engine. Move the transmission control lever to NEUTRAL. Engage the parking brake. Do not move the machine until both belt tensioner adjustments are completed to prevent improper measurements. 3. Measure the rod extension of the tensioner cylinder. The dimension should be 1243 11 mm (48.9 .4 in) from the centerline of one pin to the centerline of the other pin. This is equivalent to a cylinder rod extension of approximately 130 mm (5.12 in).Check the dimension on both cylinders. If the dimensions are not correct, record them for later use.4. If the dimensions are not correct, see the next topic.Cylinder Adjustment
This procedure uses the machine's hydraulics to relieve the belt tensioning. An auxiliary hydraulic pump, such as the Caterpillar service press, can be used when connected to the cylinders. If an auxiliary pump is used, the procedure of extending both cylinders at the same time should still be followed. 1. Remove nuts (1) and the two lock assemblies (2). 2. Slowly loosen the cylinder hose (3) at the head end to vent any pressure trapped in the tensioner cylinder before completely removing.Remove the head end of the hose on both cylinders.Place the free end of hose assemblies into a suitable container to catch any oil.3. Remove the elbow (4) and seal from both cylinders. 4. Install FT2228 Hose Assembly.Connect adapters (5) to the tensioner cylinders. Replace the seals if they are worn or damaged.Connect end (6) to an implement line quick disconnect coupler at the rear of the machine. Use the No. 1 RAISE circuit. See "Connection

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