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HARNESS AS 2278091 - Caterpillar

2278091 HARNESS AS Caterpillar parts 385B, 5090B HARNESS
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2278091 HARNESS AS
Weight: 18 pounds 8 kg.

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FRONT SHOVEL  5090B   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 1
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Illustration 5 g02390016
Raise counterweight (6) off support blocks (5). Rotate support blocks (5) to a vertical position.
Carefully lower counterweight (6) to the ground. Shut off the engine. The weight of counterweight (6) is approximately 8600 kg (19000 lb).
Illustration 6 g02390196
Remove cotter pin (9). Remove nut (8) and bolt (7) to disconnect counterweight (6).Installation Procedure
Do not rely on the counterweight bolts alone to support the counterweight. The counterweight must be supported by the support blocks in the horizontal position or structural damage to the machine may occur.
Unexpected machine movement can cause injury or death.In order to avoid possible machine movement, move the hydraulic lockout control to the LOCKED position and attach a Special Instruction, SEHS7332, "Do Not Operate" or similar warning tag to the hydraulic lockout control.
Personal injury or death can occur from a counterweight falling during removal or installation.Do not allow personnel under or around the counterweight during removal or installation.Make sure that the lifting device is in good condition and is capable of handling the weight of the counterweight.
Illustration 7 g02390219
Position support blocks (5) in a vertical position.
Start the machine. Back up the machine against the counterweight. Align both support blocks with the grooves in the counterweight. The weight of the counterweight is approximately 8600 kg (19000 lb). Shut off the machine.
Illustration 8 g02390196
Connect counterweight (6) by installing bolt (7) and nut (8). Install cotter pin (9).
Start the engine. Adjust the engine speed to one-third of full throttle engine speed.
Illustration 9 g02390157
Illustration 10 g02390177
(X) CLOSED Position
(Z) OPEN Position
Illustration 11 g02390016
Move switch (3) upward to the ON position.
Turn stop valves (1) in the OPEN position.
Move control lever (2) upward to raise counterweight (6). Raise counterweight (6) until counterweight (6) is above support blocks (5).
Rotate support blocks (5) to a horizontal position.
Move control lever (2) downward to slowly lower counterweight (6) onto support blocks (5).
Illustration 12 g02389847
Illustration 13 g06248508
Apply Tooling (A) to bolts (4). Install bolts (4). Use Tooling (B) to tighten bolts (4).
Illustration 14 g02390157
Illustration 15 g02390177
(X) CLOSED Position
(Z) OPEN Position
Move control lever (2) downward to retract the counterweight lift cylinder.
Turn stop valves (1) in the CLOSED position.
Move switch (3) downward to the OFF position.
Close the right rear access door.

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