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HARNESS AS-POWER 3156357 - Caterpillar

3156357 HARNESS AS-POWER Caterpillar parts C15 HARNESS
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3156357 HARNESS AS-POWER

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Compatible equipment models: 3156357:

GENERATOR SET  C15   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 9
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Obtaining Flash Files From The Bulletin Board
Obtaining Flash Files from the Bulletin Board requires the use of an error correcting Modem. To down load files quickly, a Modem baud rate of 14.4 k baud or higher is recommended. Refer to the service literature for the Modem to see if it is adequate.
Use the following procedure to get access to the bulletin Board:
1. Obtain HyperACCESS/5 (DOS-OS/2 Version) and install it into the PC that will be used to obtain the Flash Files. HyperACCESS/5 is PC communications software that can be ordered from Caterpillar (LERQ3133) or purchased from outside vendors. HyperACCESS/5 is required for Flash file download from the Caterpillar Mailbox System Bulletin Board.2. Once HyperACCESS/5 has been installed, call 1-800-HELP-EDI or 309-675-0834 and select option No.7. Step by step instructions will be given in order to register the PC and download information into the PC, such as Bulletin Board telephone numbers. Multiple PC registration instructions can also be obtained by calling the numbers listed above.Once the PC has been setup to receive Flash files from the Bulletin Board, the following steps can be used to obtain the desired Flash files: 1. From the DOS prompt (usually C:>), type cd/bs/HA5. Enter.2. The prompt should now be C:/bs/HA5>, type HA5dos. Enter.3. From the HyperACCESS/5 menu now displayed, type C for "Call a system".4. Type D for "Data Call".5. Select Flash Download from the System list in the lower half of the menu.6. The program displays a menu with three options, select Option No.1-Receive Flash part Number Files(s).7. Enter in the Flash file name as directed. (A complete list of Flash file part numbers for a given application can be accessed in the FIND system and are listed in Special Instruction, SEHS9914.) Multiple files can be downloaded by using the "wild card" character*. *For example, if the Flash file name 122286 was entered, all Flash files on the Bulletin Board with file names from 1222860 to 1222869 would be downloaded.8. The program then connects to the Bulletin Board and the file(s) are downloaded in to the Flash directory in the PC. After the download is complete, the same menu mentioned in Step No.6 appears and the user may download additional files or exit the program.
Obtaining Flash Files From The SIS Setup & Tool Guide CD
This procedure requires that the PC used be equipped with a DC ROM drive. Use the following procedure to locate the Flash files contained in the SIS Setup And Tool Guide CD: 1. Insert the SIS Setup And Tool Guide CD into the CD ROM drive. Do not start the SIS program.2. At this point, the user can access the Flash files using File Manager in Windows or DOS commands. The Flash files are located in the Flash directory. If using DOS commands, at the DOS prompt (C:>), type D:, then hit Enter.3. Type cd/bs/Flash. Enter.4. At this point, DOS commands can be used to copy the desired Flash files to a floppy disc for use in another

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C15 Standby Generator Set (60Hz) C5E00001-UP

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