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HARNESS AS-WIRING 3599623 - Caterpillar

3599623 HARNESS AS-WIRING Caterpillar parts CG137-08, CG137-12 HARNESS
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3599623 HARNESS AS-WIRING
Weight: 8 pounds 3 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3599623:

GAS ENGINE  CG137-08   CG137-12   Caterpillar
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2. Remove two bolts (1) and clamp that hold the steering column.3. Remove six bolts (6) and steering column.4. Remove four bolts (2) from floor plate.5. Disconnect control linkage (5) for the governor.6. Remove three bolts that hold floor plate (3) and four bolts that hold floor plate (4).7. Lift floor plate (3) and disconnect four air lines from manifold (8).8. Disconnect line (7) at the brake control valve.9. Disconnect four air lines from the brake control valve. Put identification marks on all lines for installation purposes.10. Remove floor plates (3) and (4).11. Disconnect linkage for steering valve.12. Remove four bolts and nuts (11) and lower plate (9) to give clearance for removal of steering gear.13. Remove cotter pin and loosen plug in end of socket (14).14. Pull the socket (14) off the ball stud on lever (13).15. Remove two bolts (12) that hold support (10).16. Remove the steering gear (15) using a hoist. Weight is 120 lb. (55 kg).Install Steering Gear
1. Put the steering gear (1) in position using a hoist.2. Install two bolts (5) that hold support (3). Push socket (7) on the ball stud of lever (6). Tighten the plug in the end of socket (7) and install the cotter pin. Make a bend in the legs of the cotter pin.3. Put plate (2) in position and install four bolts and nuts (4) that hold it.4. Connect the linkage of the steering valve.5. Put floor plate in position and connect four air lines to the brake control valve in their original positions.6. Connect line (8) to the brake control valve.7. Connect four air lines to manifold (9) in their original positions.8. Install three bolts that hold floor plate (11). Install floor plate (13) and four bolts that hold it.9. Install four bolts (12) in floor plate.10. Connect the control linkage (14) for the governor.11. Put the steering column in position and install six bolts (15) that hold it to the steering gear.12. Install clamp (10) and two bolts on steering column.13. Install plate on bottom of operator's platform.14. Make adjustment to the follow-up linkage, if necessary. See STEERING SYSTEM TEST PROCEDURES in TESTING AND ADJUSTING.end by: a) close dashDisassemble Steering Gear
start by: a) remove steering gear1. Loosen nut (4) until it is even with the end of the shaft. Install tooling (A) and loosen lever (2) from the shaft. Remove tooling (A), nut (4), washer, lever (2) and key from shaft. Remove lever (3) and key. Remove cover (1).2. Put a mark on center tooth of sector gear (6) and center groove of nut (5) for assembly purposes.3. Remove sector gear (6) and shaft as a unit using a press. Remove key from shaft.4. Remove bolts (10) and housing (8). Remove support (9) from housing. Remove seal (7) and bearings from housing using a hammer and punch.5. Remove bolts (11), cap (12) and shims.6. Remove bearing (13) and O-ring seal (14) from cap.7. Turn shaft out of the nut in the housing and remove washer

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