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HARNESS AS-CONTROL 3844331 - Caterpillar

3844331 HARNESS AS-CONTROL Caterpillar parts G3516H
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3844331 HARNESS AS-CONTROL
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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GENERATOR SET  G3516H   Caterpillar
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Connections And Controls
(1) Thermometer: Monitors the temperature increase within the unit to show the maximum temperature permissible [130°C (266°F)]. Allow five minutes after each test before reading, so thermometer can stabilize.(2) Load Control Knob: Adjusts the current being drawn from the battery under test to a maximum of 700 Amperes.(3) Test Leads: Connect the Load Tester to the battery being tested with battery clips on ends of cables.(4) Cable Holders: Used to hold the cables when they are not being used.Operation Instructions
IMPORTANT: The following AND S must be followed to prevent personal injury and/or possible damage to the instrument.
Arcing can cause a battery explosion resulting in personal injury. Follow the instructions below carefully.
Do not connect the Load Test Cables to the battery with the Load Adjustment knob turned on. Turn the Load Adjustment knob counterclockwise to the OFF position before the Load Test Cables are connected to the battery. Never disconnect, shake, or twist the Load Test Cables during the load test; this also may cause arcing. Stand clear while testing the battery, and wear proper safety gear, including face protection. Check manufacturer's warnings and cautions for proper battery care and use.
Do not apply a load to a voltage source (battery) of more than 12 volts or tester may overheat.To prevent damage to the Battery Load Tester, load may only be applied to a battery for 15 seconds; then wait five minutes to check the temperature before another test is made.During operation, if the thermometer exceeds 130°C (266°F), turn the unit off and disconnect the leads to allow the unit to cool. Do not proceed with the test until the thermometer is below 130°C (266°F) or the Battery Load Tester may be damaged.Load Adjustment knob may become hot after extended use.The Battery Load Tester can be operated with the front panel in either the vertical or horizontal position.Use this tester on only one battery at a time.
To load test a battery, use the following procedure to test a fully charged battery.(1) On 6V4930 Battery Load Tester (1), turn LOAD control knob (2) counterclockwise as far as it will go to the OFF position.(2) Prepare the 6V7070 Digital Multimeter (3) (or equivalent) to read the test battery voltage by connecting test leads (4) with clips to the COM and V-Ohms connectors. Set the range switch to the 20VDC position. See Special Instruction Form SEHS7734 for more information on operation of the multimeter. To prepare the 8T0900 AC/DC Clamp-on Ammeter (5) (or equivalent) for use, slide the AC-DC Mode switch on the handle to DC. Depress the power trigger switch and lock it on. Adjust the DC zero. Adjust for a reading of 000 on the digital readout. See Special Instruction Form SEHS8420 for more information on operation of the Ammeter.(4) Connect the battery clip on one of the LOAD LEADS (6) to either terminal of the battery. Open the Ammeter jaws and put the Ammeter on the cable to measure current so the arrow on it points toward the

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