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HARNESS AS-WIRING 3844357 - Caterpillar

3844357 HARNESS AS-WIRING Caterpillar parts G3516H
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3844357 HARNESS AS-WIRING
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3844357:

GENERATOR SET  G3516H   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 3
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D3400 (9J4001, 1N7001, 3R6001, 3S7001, 9S4001 1T7001), D4400 (4H1, 4H9001, 1N4001, 3R2001, 1S1, 6S1), D4600 (4H8001, 1N1, 3R4001, 1S5001, 5S1), D6600 (5E9501), D7700 (4C6501, 4H6001, 9J3001, 9J6501), D8800 (5E5001, 4H3269, 9J2001, 9J6001, 1N8001 2S1, 6S5001), D11000 (4C8001, 4H7001, 9J1001, 9J8001), D13000 (18B, 29B, 30B, 5E2001, 9J1, 9J7501, 1N1001, 1N9001, 3R7001, 3S2001, 4S1, 4S1001, 7S1, 1T1, 2V5001), D17000 (5E9001, 9J5001, 9J8501, 3S1, 8S5001, 2V1, 8V1), D2 (3J, 5J), D4 (4G, 7J, 2T, 5T), D6 (4R, 5R), D7 (9G2876, 7M, 3T, 4T, 6T), D8 (13A, 1H2409, 8R, 2U), No. (10 - 1K, 2K), DW10 (1N2001, 6V5001), No. (11 - 5K, 6K), No. (48 - 5F), No. (112 - 2M, 4M), No. (212 - 1M, 1R, 1U)
(1) 1-9M9268 2-9M9361 3-9M9362 4-9M9359 5-9M9360 6-1D4538 7-9M9331 8-1A9136The above tools, part of 9M9267 Tool Group, are required for this group of engines. (2) Remove the cover from the side of the fuel pump. Remove the rack limiter, if so equipped. Fasten indicator (1) to one end of bar (2) with bolt (8). Bolt bar (2) to the fuel pump housing using spacer (5) and bolt (6). Install clamp (3) on the rack and lock it with screw (7). (3) Position the rack on the centerline of the fifth tooth by engaging the inner set of notches on gauge (4) behind the last tooth on each side of one of the fuel pump sector gears. Draw the shoulder of the gauge up over the rack. With gauge (4) in place, loosen screw (7) and slide clamp (3) along the rack until indicator (1) reads zero. Remove gauge (4) and slide the rack back and forth several times. Reinstall the gauge and check the zero reading. Repeat this procedure until a consistent zero reading is obtained. To check the rack, adjust the governor control lever so the rack stop is within .001" (.03) of the torque spring. Read the rack setting on indicator (1). If the rack setting is not correct, adjust the rack stop or torque spring accordingly.3406 - 90U, 91U, 92U, 70V
(1) 1-9S7350 2-8S4627 or 8T0500 3-6V3075 4-9S8903 5-9S8519 6-9S8521The above components of 6V9128 Tool Group are required for this group of engines. (2) Remove stop (7), spacer (8) and gaskets (9). Disconnect the governor control linkage at the governor lever. (3) Remove the plug in the bottom of the governor housing. Install plug (5) and rod (6). Push in on rod (6) to retract the speed limiter and tighten plug (5) to hold the rod. Install bracket group (1), with the dial indicator, in place of stop (7), spacer (8) and gaskets (9). With the governor control lever in the shut-off position, put spacer (10) of the bracket group [the spacer is on the rod connected to the chain] over the rod that makes contact with the fuel rack. [Put force on the end of the rod that contacts the fuel rack, to hold the spacer in position.] Zero the dial indicator and tighten the clamp bolt to hold the indicator in position.

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