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HARNESS AS-SENSOR 5088561 - Caterpillar

5088561 HARNESS AS-SENSOR Caterpillar parts HARNESS
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 5088561 HARNESS AS-SENSOR
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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The ends of the bellows are very sharp. Injury could occur if the bellows are not handled properly. Handle the bellows by the convolutions.
The bellows that is on the exhaust side of turbocharger will include a inner liner. The liner will help shield the convolutions from damage. The damage is mainly caused by heat. Bellows on the air side of the turbocharger do not require a liner. The part numbers are different for the bellows with an inner liner and the bellows without a liner.
The alignment of the bellows is important. Improper alignment may lead to premature failure of the bellows. Misalignment can be identified by visually inspecting the convolutions for uniformity of compression.Inspect the bellows for damage prior to installation. If there is any damage to the convolutions, discard the bellows. Minor damage to the ends of the bellows may be repaired. However, if there is any difficulty in installation after the repair, discard the bellows.
Illustration 1 g01121141
Typical example that shows the correct lateral alignmentThe alignment of the bellows is important. Improper lateral alignment is two sealing surfaces that do not align with each other. The proper lateral adjustment is shown in illustration 1. (1) Center of the bellows between the two compressors (2) End of the high pressure compressor (3) Bellows (4) End of the air ductProper alignment means that end (2) and end (4) are in alignment with each other by visually checking centerline (1). Do not force the bellows into the position. End (1) or end (4) should not be forced into bellows (3) .Note: Make sure that you loosely fit all of the parts before the final torquing is started.
Illustration 2 g01018530
Typical example (5) Bellows on the exhaust side Reusability ... 10 assembly cycles Axial tolerance ... 2.84 mm ( 0.120 inch) Lateral tolerance ... 1.68 mm ( 0.066 inch) (3) Bellows between the compressors Reusability ... 10 assembly cycles Axial tolerance ... 2.79 mm ( 0.110 inch) Lateral tolerance ... 1.96 mm ( 0.077 inch) (6) Bellows between the compressor and the precooler Reusability ... 10 assembly cycles Axial tolerance ... 4.06 mm ( 0.160 inch) Lateral tolerance ... 1.50 mm ( 0.059 inch)
Illustration 3 g01016663
The View is looking down the bellows.
Illustration 4 g01023261
Example of lateral misalignmentLateral misalignment is shown Illustration 3 and Illustration 4. Lateral misalignment on the exhaust bellows can lead to contact between liner (7) and convolutions (8). The misalignment can cause premature failure.
Illustration 5 g01016672
Example of uneven spacing with the convolutions Lateral misalignment is identified by visually inspecting the convolutions on the bellows. The visual inspection will help ensure an even amount of spacing between each of the convolutions. Incorrect spacing between each of the convolutions is shown in Illustration 5.
Illustration 6 g01016673
Example of premature failure due to lateral misalignmentImproper alignment during installation can lead to premature failure of the bellows. An Example of premature failure is shown in Illustration 6.Handling
Bellows should be handled by the convolutions. The convolutions are the ribbed portion of the bellows. The ends of the bellows are sharp and

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