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1246211 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts HOSE
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Caterpillar 1246211 HOSE AS

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Cooling System
Add Supplemental Coolant Additive
Refer to the Cooling System Specifications section of this manual for all cooling system requirements.Use the 8T5296 Test Kit to check for concentration.
Excessive additive (greater than the recommended 6% initial fill) together with concentrations of antifreeze greater than 60% cause deposits to form and can result in radiator tube blockage and overheating.
1. Open the radiator cap access cover.2. Loosen the radiator cap slowly to relieve pressure and remove the cap.3. It may be necessary to drain enough coolant from the radiator to allow for the addition of the liquid cooling system additive.4. Add .24 liters (1/2 pint) of additive for every 38 liters (10 U.S. gallons) of cooling system capacity.5. Replace the cap if the gasket is damaged. Install the radiator cap.6. Install the radiator cap and close the access cover.Fan and Alternator Belts
For maximum engine performance and utilization of your engine, inspect the belts for wear and cracking. Check the belt tension. If belt tension is too loose, the battery may not charge correctly, the engine may overheat, or it may result in premature belt wear. If the belt is tensioned too tight, damage to the belt or bearings could occur. The machine is equipped with a belt tightener that automatically adjusts the belt to the correct tension.Any belts that are worn or damaged, or cannot be automatically adjusted to the correct tension must be replaced.Water Separator (If Equipped)
Check Level
The water separator is located on the right side of the fuel tank. 1. If the red ring in the bowl reaches the level line, loosen the plug at the bottom of the body and drain the water and sediment.2. Dispose of the drained material according to local regulations.Final Drives
Check the Oil Level
1. Position one final drive with oil drain plug (1) at the bottom.2. Remove oil level plug (2).3. Oil should be to the bottom of the oil level plug opening.4. Add oil through the opening of the oil level plug, if necessary. Overfilling the final drive will cause the travel motor seals to allow hydraulic oil or water to enter and contaminate the drive.5. Clean oil level plug (2). Inspect the O-ring seal. Replace it if it is worn or damaged.6. Install the oil level plug.7. Repeat procedure on the other final drive.Swing Drive
Check the Oil Level
There are two swing drives located between the swivel joint and the main control valve. Perform the same check procedure for both swing drives. 1. Remove the oil fill plug/dipstick.2. Maintain the oil level between the "H" and "L" marks on the dipstick.3. Clean and install the fill plug/dipstick.Swing Bearing
Lubricate the Fittings
Wipe all fittings before lubricating. Fittings are located under the boom base. Add grease through three fittings around the swing bearing until old grease is forced out from the seal surface.Air Conditioner (If Equipped)
When adding or replacing refrigerant, use only refrigerant recommended by Caterpillar. System damage can result.
Test Operation
1. Start the engine. Operate the engine at high idle. 2. Set the air conditioner control for

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