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HOSE AS 1247234 - Caterpillar

1247234 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts D9R HOSE
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Caterpillar 1247234 HOSE AS
Weight: 6 pounds 2 kg.

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Travel Activation Function component connectionsThe Machine ECM can enable or disable the Travel Activation Function by controlling the state of the proportional Travel Pilot Pressure Solenoid. When the ECM energizes the Travel Pilot Pressure Solenoid, the travel pilot hydraulics system is enabled which will allow machine travel.In order for the ECM to enable the Travel Activation Function, the following conditions must be met:
The Parking Brake must be OFF.
The left armrest must be in the DOWN position.
The analogue voltage signal from the Transmission Pressure Sensor indicates that the transmission hydraulic pressure is above the low shutdown pressure 2716 kPa (393.9 psi) (2.30 VDC sensor signal).
The Service Brake Pedal is not LOCKED as indicated by the Service Brake Pedal Limit Switch.When the machine conditions are correct and a travel command is initiated by pressing the Travel Pedal, the ECM will energize the Travel Pilot Pressure Solenoid.If any of the required machine conditions change, the ECM will turn OFF the output for the Travel Pilot Pressure Solenoid in order to disable the Travel Activation Function. To ensure precise control and operation of the Travel Pilot Valve, the ECM will automatically calibrate the Travel Pilot Pressure Solenoid every time that the key switch is turned to the ON position. The calibration enables fine control of the initial start of machine travel and allows the machine to achieve maximum travel speeds.If a diagnostic code becomes active for the Armrest Position Switch, the Brake Pedal Limit Switch, or the Transmission Pressure Sensor, the ECM will disable the Travel Activation Function.If the Transmission Pressure Sensor indicates that the transmission hydraulic pressure is below the low shutdown pressure of 2716 kPa (393.9 psi) (2.30 VDC sensor signal), The ECM will disable the Travel Activation Function and the ECM will automatically engage the Parking Brake.Travel Pedal Operation
The travel pedal is a center-neutral 2 directional electronic hydraulic pedal. The pedal has an electronic position sensor that provides an analog voltage signal to the Machine ECM. The signal indicates the pedal position and the direction of the pedal travel to the ECM. The travel pedal is mechanically connected to the Travel Pilot Valve. The valve is OFF when the pedal is in the middle position (not depressed), and ON in both the forward and rearward position (non-proportional).When the pedal is depressed, the mechanical connection actuates the pilot valve in order to enable travel. The Travel Pedal Position Sensor sends a PWM analogue voltage signal to the ECM. The ECM interprets the analogue voltage of the PWM signal as a specific pedal position. The ECM uses this information along with information from other sensors and system parameters to determine the output current for the Travel Motor Swash Plate Angle Limit Solenoid. This solenoid will control the output of the travel motor. The position sensor allows the speed of the machine to be varied within the selected speed range according to the position of the travel pedal.Position Sensor Auto-Calibration And Operation
The analog position signal from the Travel Pedal Position

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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