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Caterpillar 2277993 HOSE AS

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Three-Point Hitch Controls
Mode Switch
This two-position switch is located toward the rear of the right hand operator's console and is labeled "OPERATING MODE" and "HOOKUP MODE".Its function is to allow the operator to select the mode of operation.Three-Point Hitch Control Lever
The three-point hitch control lever is located on the right hand operator's console immediately to the right of the seat. Its fore and aft motion allows the operator to control the position and movement of the three-point hitch. The forward position lowers the hitch and the rear position raises the hitch.Operating Mode
In this mode, the hitch will position itself relative to the handle position and will automatically correct for any drift that may occur. This mode is activated by placing the mode switch in the "OPERATING MODE" position. The hitch follows the movement of the lever but its velocity will be limited by:(1) engine speed when raising,(2) the lack of weight on the hitch when lowering,(3) the control itself, which helps avoid damage to tools by limiting the downward speed of the hitch and implement.Adjustable Depth Stop
The maximum operating depth of the hitch and implement can be set with an adjustable mechanical stop that limits the travel of the control lever. This allows the operator to set the desired operating depth and then return quickly to that depth after raising the implement, such as after a turn.The preset depth can be bypassed without losing the set position by moving the control lever to one side and around the mechanical stop. This mechanical stop can also be used to lock the control lever in the fully raised position. Use when transporting a mounted implement.The stop cannot be bypassed in the fully raised position.Three-Point Hitch Float Condition
When using an implement that has gage wheels to control the tillage depth, the adjustable stop should be moved all the way forward so the lever can be pushed to the full lower position.When the implement is lowered for tilling, the control lever should be pushed all the way forward to the fully lowered position. The control will then allow the implement to float. Additional float for each draft arm is accomplished by removing a plate on each side of each lift link, rotating it 180° and remounting it. This allows each draft arm to move independently of the other.Hookup Mode
This mode is provided to allow hooking up to a hitch mounted implement without having the control automatically correct for drift. Movement occurs only when the lever is placed near the full RAISE or full LOWER positions and movement stops when the lever is centered.This mode is activated by having the engine start switch on and the engine running, placing the mode switch in "HOOKUP MODE", and moving the lever from end to end. The hitch will then move slowly up when the lever is near full RAISE and will move slowly down when the lever is near full LOWER. The hitch will not move when the lever is centered.Three-Point Hitch Control Module
The control module

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