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HOSE ASSEM. 2H9974 - Caterpillar

2H9974 HOSE ASSEM. Caterpillar parts D364, D375D, D397D HOSE
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Caterpillar 2H9974 HOSE ASSEM.
Weight: 0.010 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2H9974:

MARINE ENGINE  D364   D375D   D397D   Caterpillar
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Clean the cooling system if it is contaminated, if the engine overheats or if foaming is observed in the radiator.Coolant should be drained, system cleaned and new coolant added every 2000 service hours or one year. When using Caterpillar Antifreeze and Caterpillar cooling system conditioner as recommended, the drain period can be extended to 4000 service hours or two years.Filling at over 20 liters (5 U.S. gallons) per minute can cause air pockets in the cooling system.After draining and refilling the cooling system, operate the engine with the radiator cap removed until the coolant reaches normal operating temperature and the coolant level stabilizes. Add coolant as necessary to fill the system to the proper level.Operate with a thermostat in the cooling system all year-round. Cooling system problems can arise without a thermostat.Refer to "Know Your Cooling System," Form SEBD0518, for more detailed specifications.Water
Hard water, or water with high levels of calcium and magnesium ions, encourages the formation of insoluble chemical compounds by combining with cooling system additives such as silicates and phosphates.The tendency of silicates and phosphates to precipitate out-of-solution increases with increasing water hardness. Hard water, or water with high levels of calcium and magnesium ions encourages the formation of insoluble chemicals, especially after a number of heating and cooling cycles. Caterpillar prefers the use of distilled water or deionized water to reduce the potential and severity of chemical insolubility. Using water that meets this requirement may not prevent drop out of these chemical compounds totally, but should minimize the rate to acceptable levels.Antifreeze
Caterpillar recommends that the coolant mix contain a minimum of 30% Caterpillar Antifreeze, or equivalent, and acceptable water to maintain an adequate water pump cavitation temperature for efficient water pump performance.Premix coolant solution to provide protection to the lowest expected outside (ambient) temperature. Pure undiluted antifreeze will freeze at -23°C (-10°F).Only use a greater concentration (above 30%) of Caterpillar Antifreeze as needed for anticipated outside (ambient) temperatures. Do not exceed a coolant mixture of 60% antifreeze to water since a concentration above 60% antifreeze will reduce the engine's freeze protection and increase the possibility of deposit formation in the cooling system.
Use Caterpillar Antifreeze or equivalent. Caterpillar Antifreeze [Part No. 8C3686 - 208 liter (55 U.S. gallon) drum or Part No. 8C3684 - 3.8 liter (1 U.S. gallon) container] is available through your Caterpillar dealer.Most commercial antifreezes are formulated for gasoline engine applications and will, therefore, have high silicate content. Caterpillar Antifreeze is formulated with a low silicate content and the proper coolant additives for heavy duty diesel engines.The major advantages of Caterpillar antifreeze are: * Significantly reduces water pump seal leakage problems caused by over concentration of chemical additives.* There is no need to add coolant inhibitor on initial fill which must be done with current commercially available antifreezes.* High silicate antifreezes used with a supplemental coolant conditioner can cause a build-up of solids over a period of time which can cause plugging, loss of heat transfer, and water pump seal damage.Make proper antifreeze

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