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3079087 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts 307D HOSE
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Caterpillar 3079087 HOSE AS

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MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  307D   Caterpillar
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Table 6
Have any replacements been made or rework been done? No→ Replace all replaceable seals on mating faces that have been separated. Do not replace plugs.
Yes ↓ ↓

Completely degrease the mating faces and reassemble the pump.

Run the pump and check for any oil leaks.

Return to Table 3. Plug Install Preparation
The instructions in this section pertain to 095-0965 Plug and 7I-8084 Plug. Follow these instructions before installing these plugs into the main pump.
Table 7
Required Parts
Qty Part Number Part Name
1 263-0879 Tape
Before installing a plug, remove all old adhesive or tape and degrease the plug in a cleaning solution. Inspect the plug and ensure that there is no oil or debris on the plug or in the threads.
Illustration 9 g06059725
(A) Untaped thread
Illustration 10 g06059728
(B) Correct Direction
(C) Incorrect Direction
Before wrapping the 263-0879 Tape, first position the tape on the second thread from the end of the plug. Refer to Illustration 9. Then, wrap the tape around the threads of the plug 2 ½ revolutions in a counter-clockwise direction as shown in Illustration 10. Keep tension on the tape while wrapping and do not allow any wrinkles.Note: No scratches or wrinkles are allowed on the mating face of the tape.
Illustration 11 g06059732
(D) 90 degree cut angle
(E) Cut start location
While keeping tension on the tape, cut the tape at start location (E). Cut at a 90 degree angle (D).
Illustration 12 g06059741
(F) Correct Method
(G) Incorrect Method
(1) Cutting Blade
Cut and remove the excess tape along the tapered face of the bolt head. Do not cut the tape across the face of the plug as shown in Illustration 12.
Install the taped plug. Tighten to the proper torque:
095-0965 Plug torque: 12 2 N m (106 18 lb in)
7I-8084 Plug torque: 11 2 N m (97 18 lb in)

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Caterpillar parts catalog
307D Mini Hydraulic Excavator DSG00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 4M40 Engine

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