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HOSE AS 3156346 - Caterpillar

3156346 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts FUSION HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3156346 HOSE AS

Buy HOSE AS 3156346 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

Compatible equipment models: 3156346:

Number on catalog scheme: 3
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Articulated Truck:
D35-HP (S/N: 3FD1-UP)
D350E (S/N: 9LR1-UP)
D400 (S/N: 1MD1-UP)
D400D (S/N: 8TF1-UP)
D400E (S/N: 2YR1-UP)
D40D (S/N: 2JJ1-UP)
D44 (S/N: 2LD1-UP)
D44B (S/N: 8SD1-UP)
D550 (S/N: 4RD1-UP)
D550B (S/N: 5ND1-UP)
Cold Planer:
PM-465 (S/N: 5ZS1-UP)
PM-565 (S/N: 3TK1-UP)
PM-565B (S/N: 8GS1-UP)
PR-1000C (S/N: 5XC1-UP)
PR-450C (S/N: 7PJ1-UP)
PR-750C (S/N: 7CK1-UP)
Landfill Compactor:
826C (S/N: 87X1-UP)
826G (S/N: 7LN1-UP)
836 (S/N: 3RL1-UP; 7FR1-UP)
Soil Compactor:
825C (S/N: 86X1-UP)
825G (S/N: 6RN1-UP)
245 (S/N: 95V1-UP; 82X1-UP)
245D (S/N: 7ZJ1-UP; 4LK1-UP)
375 (S/N: 8XG1-UP; 8WJ1-UP; 6NK1-UP; 6RL1-UP)
375L (S/N: 9WL1-UP; 1JM1-UP)
5080 (S/N: 6XK1-UP; 8SL1-UP)
5110 (S/N: 7GN1-UP; 8HN1-UP)
5110B (S/N: AAA1-UP; AAK1-UP; AAT1-UP)
245B (S/N: 6MF1-UP; 1SJ1-UP; 99F1-UP; 76V1-UP; 5XJ1-UP; 1AB1-UP; 1FB1-UP)
Motor Grader:
16G (S/N: 93U1-UP)
16H (S/N: 6ZJ1-UP; 3JR1-UP)
24H (S/N: 7KK1-UP)
Off-Highway Truck/Tractor:
69D (S/N: 9SS1-UP)
73D (S/N: 1GW1-UP)
769 (S/N: 35W1-UP)
769C (S/N: 01X1-UP)
769D (S/N: BBB1-UP; 5TR1-UP; 5SS1-UP)
772B (S/N: 64W1-UP)
773B (S/N: 63W1-UP)
773D (S/N: 7ER1-UP; 7CS1-UP)
773E (S/N: BDA1-UP)
Quarry Truck:
771C (S/N: 3BJ1-UP)
771D (S/N: BCA1-UP; 6JR1-UP; 6YS1-UP)
775B (S/N: 7XJ1-UP)
775D (S/N: 8AS1-UP)
775E (S/N: BEC1-UP)
578 (S/N: 8HB1-UP)
583R (S/N: 2XS1-UP)
587R (S/N: BXL1-UP)
589 (S/N: 31Z1-UP)
Reclaimer Mixer:
RM-250C (S/N: AWG1-UP)
Road Reclaimer/Soil Stabilizer:
RM-350 (S/N: 5FK1-UP)
RM-350B (S/N: AXW1-UP)
RM350B (S/N: 7FS1-UP)
RR-250 (S/N: 6ED1-UP)
RR-250B (S/N: 3RR1-UP)
SM-350 (S/N: 1RM1-UP)
SS-250 (S/N: 6DD1-UP)
SS-250B (S/N: 5GR1-UP)
Track-Type Tractor:
D10N (S/N: 2YD1-UP; 3SK1-UP)
D10R (S/N: 3KR1-UP; AKT1-UP)
D8L (S/N: 4FB1-UP; 7YB1-UP; 53Y1-UP)
D8N (S/N: 9TC1-UP; 1XJ1-UP; 5TJ1-UP; 7TK1-UP)
D8R (S/N: 7XM1-UP; 9EM1-UP)
D9L (S/N: 14Y1-UP)
D9N (S/N: 1JD1-UP; 5FJ1-UP; 6XJ1-UP)
Underground Articulated Truck:
AD40Series II (S/N: 1YZ1-UP)
AD45 (S/N: BKZ1-UP)
AE40 II (S/N: BLW1-UP; 1ZZ1-UP)
Wheel Dozer:
824C (S/N: 85X1-UP)
824G (S/N: 4SN1-UP)
834B (S/N: 7BR1-UP; 92Z1-UP)
844 (S/N: 2KZ1-UP)
Wheel Loader:
980C (S/N: 2EB1-UP; 2XD1-UP; 63X1-UP)
980FSeries II (S/N: 4RN1-UP; 8JN1-UP)
980F (S/N: 8CJ1-UP; 3HK1-UP)
980G (S/N: 9CM1-UP; 2KR1-UP; 2SR1-UP)
988B (S/N: 62Y1-UP)
988F (S/N: 8YG1-UP)
990Series II (S/N: BCR1-UP; 4FR1-UP)
990 (S/N: 7HK1-UP)
992C (S/N: 42X1-UP; 49Z1-UP)
992D (S/N: 7MJ1-UP)
Wheel Tractor-Scraper:
621B (S/N: 2GB1-UP; 45P1-UP)
621E (S/N: 6AB1-UP)
621F (S/N: 4SK1-UP)
623B (S/N: 46P1-UP)
623E (S/N: 6YF1-UP)
627E (S/N: 6EB1-UP; 6GB1-UP; 7CG1-UP)
627F (S/N: 1DL1-UP)
631D (S/N: 24W1-UP)
631ESeries II (S/N: 3ND1-UP)
631G (S/N: AWK1-UP; CLR1-UP; CMT1-UP)
633D (S/N: 25W1-UP)
633ESeries II (S/N: 2PS1-UP)
637D (S/N: 26W1-UP; 27W1-UP)
637E (S/N: 1JB1-UP)
637G (S/N: CEH1-UP; CEJ1-UP; AXT1-UP)
639D (S/N: 99X1-UP)
651B (S/N: 67K1-UP)
651E (S/N: 4YR1-UP; 5XR1-UP)
657B (S/N: 68K1-UP)
657E (S/N: 5YR1-UP; 6PR1-UP; 6TR1-UP; 7KR1-UP; 86Z1-UP; 87Z1-UP; 90Z1-UP; 91Z1-UP)
Clearly mark all of the cracks on the cylinder head before sending the cylinder head to Remanufacturing. Please refer to Core Acceptance Criteria, SELD0018. Pay special attention to the full core refund, the damaged core refund and the no core refund.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
Fusion Couplers A8K00001-UP (MACHINE)
924H Wheel Loader HXC00001-03268 (MACHINE) POWERED BY C6.6 Engine

Parts hose Caterpillar catalog:

1409759 HOSE AS
938G II, 950H, 962H, FUSION, IT62H, TH103
1430377 HOSE AS
950H, 962H, 966G, 966G II, 972G, 972G II, AP-1000B, AP-1055D, AP-800D, BG-2455D, BG-260D, FUSION, IT38H, TH460B, TH560B
1782174 HOSE AS
908, 928HZ, FUSION
2418442 HOSE AS
2617854 HOSE AS
924G, 924GZ, 924H, 924HZ, 928HZ, 930G, FUSION
2475578 HOSE AS
950H, 962H, AP-600D, AP-655D, BG600D, BG655D, FUSION, IT62H
2480331 HOSE AS
928H, 966H, 972H, AP1000E, AP1055E, BG1000E, BG1055E, FUSION
3725328 HOSE AS
950K, 962K, FUSION
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