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HOSE AS 3156628 - Caterpillar

3156628 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts C15, TH35-C15T HOSE
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Caterpillar 3156628 HOSE AS

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TRUCK ENGINE  C15   Caterpillar
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(13) Torque for the adapter ... 100 N m (75 lb ft) (14) Apply 1U-8846 Sealant to the mounting surface prior to assembly. (15) Apply 4C-9507 Retaining Compound to the cylinder and the screw prior to assembly.Set the swashplate angle for the two cylinders on the side of the servo cover to 18° 30' 12'.Tighten the two cylinders on the center position slightly against the pistons.Unscrew the cylinder about one quarter turn or 0.45 0.05 mm (.017 .002 inch). (16) Use the spacers in order to allow the proper slipper clearance.Spacers 9T-6072 Spacer ... 0.3 mm (.012 inch) 9T-6071 Spacer ... 1.0 mm (.040 inch) (17) Torque for the six bolts ... 9.5 N m (7.0 lb ft) (18) Apply 1U-8846 Sealant to the mounting surface prior to assembly. (19) Apply 4C-9507 Retaining Compound to the threads prior to assembly. (20) Apply 154-9731 Thread Lock Compound to the seal prior to assembly. (21) End play ... 0.04 0.01 mm (.0016 .0004 inch)Note: The end play will increase by .02 mm (.0008 inch) due to sealant.Shims 9T-4659 Shim ... 1 mm (.04 inch) 9T-4658 Shim ... 1.05 mm (.041 inch) 9T-4657 Shim ... 1.1 mm (.043 inch) 9T-4656 Shim ... 1.15 mm (.045 inch) 9T-4655 Shim ... 1.2 mm (.047 inch) 9T-4654 Shim ... 1.4 mm (.055 inch) 9T-4653 Shim ... 1.6 mm (.063 inch) 9T-4652 Shim ... 1.8 mm (.071 inch) (22) Torque of plug ... 10 N m (7.5 lb ft)
Illustration 4 g00869889
View C-C (23) Torque for the two bolts ... 275 N m (200 lb ft) (24) Torque for the 183-5895 Relief Valve ... 32 N m (24 lb ft) (25) Torque for the four bolts ... 46 N m (34 lb ft) (26) Torque for the two bolts ... 275 N m (200 lb ft) (27) Torque for the two 183-5899 Relief Valves ... 180 N m (135 lb ft) (28) Torque for the 183-5896 Relief Valve ... 32 N m (24 lb ft) (29) Torque for the two bolts ... 23 N m (17 lb ft) 183-5895 Cold Oil Bypass Relief Valve
Illustration 5 g00658920
Section D-DPressure setting for cold oil bypass relief valve at 3 L/min (.8

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
C15 On-highway Engine SDP00001-UP
TH35-C15T Petroleum Package PBL00001-UP POWERED BY TH35-C15T PETROLEUM

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3156629 HOSE AS
C15, TH35-C15T
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