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HOSE AS 3156629 - Caterpillar

3156629 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts C15, TH35-C15T HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3156629 HOSE AS

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Compatible equipment models: 3156629:

TRUCK ENGINE  C15   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 8
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Illustration 11 g00870563
Epoxy putty (16) covers the lead for the field winding (15). Care must be taken in the next step when removing the epoxy, so that the lead is not damaged.
Remove the epoxy (16) from the deep groove in the drive end housing face.
Illustration 12 g00870583
Remove the six screws (18) on the front side of the drive end housing face.
Illustration 13 g00870563
Remove the lead for the field winding (15) and the field winding (17) .
Illustration 14 g00870589
Remove the intermediate ring (19) .
Remove the bearing (20) from the seat in the drive end housing face.
Illustration 15 g00870592
Disconnect the three leads for the stator windings (24) from the three rectifier bridge terminals (21).
Remove the stator frame (23) from the rear frame assembly.
Illustration 16 g00870596
When unsoldering the "R" terminal in the next step, do not grip both of the outside edges of the sleeve. The sleeve will collapse with too much pressure. While heating with the soldering iron, grip the edge with long nose pliers.
Illustration 17 g00870559
Unsolder the soldering sleeve from the "R" terminal.
Remove the two screws (25) .
Illustration 18 g00870600
Remove the following retaining nuts for the rectifier terminal on the outside of the rear frame assembly: (B+), (D+) and (B-) .
Remove the following components: rectifier, washers for the rectifier terminal and insulators.
Illustration 19 g00870601
Remove the three screws (26) .
Illustration 20 g00870602
Remove the ring (27) from the rear frame.
Illustration 21 g00870603
Illustration 22 g00870604
Do not remove the bearing in the next step. The bearing will be destroyed if removed in the next step.
Use tooling "A" in order to remove the roller bearings (29) and the retaining cage (28) .
Illustration 23 g00870605
Remove bearing outer race (30) with tooling (B) .

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