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HOSE AS 3844167 - Caterpillar

3844167 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts 302.7D
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Caterpillar 3844167 HOSE AS
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MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  302.7D   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g00862662
(1) Bearing (2) Front frame (3) Diode assembly (4) Stator winding lead (5) Bearing (6) Spacer (7) Ring (8) Regulator (9) Rectifier (10) Rotor assembly (11) Field winding (12) Stator assembly (13) Ring (14) Rear frame (Drive end) (15) FanThe following items are the main parts for the N3 series alternator:Stator
Illustration 2 g00862943
Stator (16) Stator (17) RectifierThe stator (16) consists of a stator core and three independent windings. As the rotor turns, a varying magnetic field causes the stator windings to produce three-phase AC voltage. The stator is supported by the front frame and by the rear frame.Rectifier
Illustration 3 g00862995
Rectifier (18) Rectifier (19) Negative diodes (20) "D+" lead (21) "B-" terminal (22) Excitation diodes (23) Positive diodes (24) "D+" terminal (25) "B+" terminalThe rectifier (18) is a three-phase full wave rectifier. The rectifier changes the AC voltage that is produced by the stator to DC voltage. The rectifier contains positive diodes (23) and negative diodes (19). The DC voltage from the diodes is delivered to the battery terminals.The rectifier also contains excitation diodes (22). DC voltage from the excitation diodes energizes the field winding.Field Winding
Illustration 4 g00863042
Field winding and leads (26) Rear frame (27) Two leads for the winding (28) Field windingThe field winding (28) is the stationary coil that provides a magnetic field for the rotor.Rotor
Illustration 5 g00863050
Rotor (29) Rotor (30) Nonmagnetic ringThe rotor (29) consists of a shaft and a magnetic core. The rotor rotates on the shaft. The rotor provides a magnetic field between the field winding and the stator.When the current flows in the field winding, the core is magnetized. One side becomes the "N" pole. The other side becomes the "S" pole. With this form (pawl pole), both poles are magnetized by one field winding. The "N" pole and the "S" pole are separated by a nonmagnetic ring (30) .Regulator
Illustration 6 g00863056
The identification of the terminals for the regulator and alternator (31) Regulator (32) "DF" regulator terminal (field winding lead) (33) "R" terminal (34) "B-" terminal (35) "D-" terminal (36) "D+" regulator terminal (lead for the field winding and lead for the rectifier) (37) Suppression capacitor (38) "B+" terminal (39) "D+" terminalThe regulator (31) limits the output voltage of the alternator to a preset value by controlling the current through the field winding. The regulator electronically switches the connection between the field winding and the ground. The switching occurs at variable rates. The regulator is mounted on the rear frame of the alternator. The regulator is totally enclosed, and the regulator cannot be adjusted.Suppression Capacitor
The suppression capacitor (37) will protect the diodes in the alternator from spikes in the voltage. The suppression capacitor also suppresses radio interferences. This capacitor is mounted on the rear frame of the alternator. The lead for the capacitor is connected to the "D+" terminal (39) .

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