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Caterpillar 3966939 HOSE AS

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Illustration 84 g02143754
Perforated Hood and Engine Side Enclosures.Abrasion Resistant Grid for Radiators and Ejector-type Fans
In applications where there is blowing sand or abrasive material kicked up by the machine, sandblasting can be a problem. Sandblasting is the erosion of radiator tubes and fins by fine particles. This issue normally only occurs with blower fans. After a period, sandblasting can cause coolant leaks.The abrasion resistant grid deflects and slows the particles so the particles pass through the radiator without wearing the tubes or fins. This process will give the radiator a longer service life.An ejector-type blower fan will also lessen sandblasting problems. The ejector fan has the back edge of the fan blades bent around into a hook shape. This design makes a channel along the back of each blade which takes most of the debris out of the air flow and discharges the debris radially.In applications where sandblasting is not a problem, use of the abrasion resistant grid is not recommended. However, larger loose particles may yet lodge between the grid and radiator and make frequent cleaning of the radiator necessary.
Illustration 85 g02143757
Abrasion Resistant Grid.Crankcase Guards
Although crankcase guards are not a cooling system attachment, the guards can have a positive or negative effect on the cooling system. The crankcase guard will decrease the amount of loose material that enters the engine compartment. On machines with blower fans, this guard can decrease radiator core plugging or sandblasting. In logging, land clearing, or sanitary land filling applications, the additions of screens over the openings in and around the crankcase guard will further decrease the entry of loose material into the engine compartment.Normally, some of the heat in the engine transmission and torque converter is transferred directly to the air that flows around these components. Mud, dirt, or other material that becomes packed in and around the crankcase guard will act as an insulating material and prevent heat transfer to the air. This issue will cause the engine, transmission, and torque converter oil temperatures to rise and, in some conditions, cause coolant overheating.
Illustration 86 g02143759
Crankcase Guards.Reversible Fan
A reversible fan makes it possible to change from a suction to a blower fan or a blower fan to a suction fan easily. Some reversible fans automatically reverse every few minutes to blow or suck out debris that may get lodged in the radiator.
Illustration 87 g02143760
Reversible Fan.Hinged Radiator Guard
A hinged radiator guard permits easy access to the front of the radiator. This design makes it easy to inspect and thoroughly clean the radiator without removing the heavy guards.
Illustration 88 g02143761
Hinged Radiator Guard.Coolant Flow Indicators
Coolant flow indicators are found on some machines. When there is a loss of coolant, the coolant flow indicator, which will be a horn and a light, will signal the operator that there is a problem. Loss of coolant flow can be caused by low coolant level, water pump failure, sudden loss of coolant, broken fan belts, or severe water pump cavitation.
Illustration 89 g02143763
Coolant Flow Indicator.Jacket Water Heater
Jacket water heaters have an electric heating element to keep

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