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3967618 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts HOSE
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Caterpillar 3967618 HOSE AS

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Illustration 1 g00241207
Illustration Of Flow Meter Tool Layout (19) Pump pressure tap. (20) Main pump. (21) Supply line from attachment. (22) Return line from attachment.
Illustration 2 g00241222
Flow Meter (21) Supply line from attachment. (22) Return lines from attachment. (3) Flow meter. (23) Multitach. (24) Flow meter valve.
Install supply line from attachment (21) to the input port of flow meter (3) .
Attach return line from attachment (22) to the output port of the portable flow meter (3) .
Attach a 49000 kPa (7100 psi) pressure gauge (15) to the upper pump pressure tap.Note: For the location of the pressure tap, refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Lowering Control Valve (Boom) - Test" .
Install multitach (23) on the engine.
Illustration 3 g00294529
Relief Valve (25) Block. (26) Plug. (27) Relief valve. (28) Spring.
Illustration 4 g00294898
Relief Valve (27) Relief valve. (29) Seat. (30) Valve. (31) Spring. (32) Shims.
Be sure that flow meter valve (24) is in the FULLY OPEN position.
Start the engine and raise the hydraulic oil temperature to 55° 5°C (131° 9°F) .
Place the power mode switch in the ON position and the engine speed dial in the HIGH IDLE position.
Activate the attachment circuit. Depress the double switch and hold the double switch for the remainder of the test.
Slowly, turn flow meter valve (24) clockwise in order to increase system pressure. Record the flow from the meter when the pressure reading at pressure tap (19) equals the pressure that is specified by the supplier of the attachment that will be used.
If the flow measurement is too high, go to step 11. If the flow measurement in Step 9 meets the specification of the supplier or if the flow measurement is below the specification of the supplier perform the following steps:
Release the pressure in the hydraulic system. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Hydraulic System Pressure - Release" .
Allow the hydraulic oil to cool.
Remove plug (26) , spring (28) , and relief valve (27) from valve block (25) .
Remove seat (29) , valve (30) and spring (31) . Remove shims (32) : 5J-6153 Shim Thickness ... 0.07 mm (0.0028 inch) Change of relief pressure for each shim ... 590 kPa (86 psi) 6J-8699 Shim Thickness ... 1.20 mm (0.0472 inch) Change of relief pressure for each shim ... 3990 kPa (579 psi)Note: It may not always be possible to reach the specified relief pressure setting at the flow rate that is specified by the supplier.
Install the remaining parts in reverse order of removal. Use the following torques:Torque for plug (26) ... 215 25 N m (159 18 lb ft)Torque for seat (29) ... 160 30 N m (118 22 lb ft)
Fully, rotate flow meter valve (24) clockwise in order to stop the flow through the flow meter. Read the pressure at pressure tap (19) . This reading will be the pressure setting in the attachment circuit for line relief valve (27) .
If the flow

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