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After Failure Overhaul
If a major engine failure occurs and the engine must be removed, many options are available. An overhaul should be performed if the engine block or the crankshaft needs to be repaired.If the engine block is repairable and/or the crankshaft is repairable, the overhaul cost should be between 40 percent and 50 percent of the cost of a new engine with a similar exchange core.This lower cost can be attributed to three aspects:
Specially designed Caterpillar engine features
Caterpillar dealer exchange components
Caterpillar Inc. remanufactured exchange componentsOverhaul Recommendation
To minimize downtime, Caterpillar Inc. recommends a scheduled engine overhaul by your Caterpillar dealer before the engine fails. This will provide you with the best cost/value relationship.Note: Overhaul programs vary according to the engine application and according to the dealer that performs the overhaul. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for specific information about the available overhaul programs and about overhaul services for extending the engine life.If an overhaul is performed without overhaul service from your Caterpillar dealer, be aware of the following maintenance recommendations.Rebuild or Exchange
Cylinder Head Assembly, Oil Pump, and Fuel Transfer Pump
These components should be inspected according to the instructions that are found in various Caterpillar reusability publications. The Special Publication, SEBF8029 lists the reusability publications that are needed for inspecting the engine parts.If the parts comply with the established inspection specifications that are expressed in the reusable parts guideline, the parts should be reused.Parts that are not within the established inspection specifications should be dealt with in one of the following manners:
ReplacingUsing out-of-spec parts can result in the following problems:
Unscheduled downtime
Costly repairs
Damage to other engine parts
Reduced engine efficiency
Increased fuel consumptionReduced engine efficiency and increased fuel consumption translates into higher operating costs. Therefore, Caterpillar Inc. recommends repairing out-of-spec parts or replacing out-of-spec parts.Inspection and/or Replacement
Crankshaft Bearings and Crankshaft Seals
The following components may not last until the second overhaul.
Thrust bearings
Main bearings
Rod bearings
Crankshaft sealsCaterpillar Inc. recommends the installation of new parts at each overhaul period.Inspect these parts while the engine is disassembled for an overhaul.Inspect the crankshaft for any of the following conditions:
Damage to the journals
Bearing material that has seized to the journalsCheck the journal taper and the profile of the crankshaft journals. Check these components by interpreting the wear patterns on the following components:
Rod bearing
Main bearingsInspect the camshaft for damage to the journals and to the lobes.Note: If the camshaft is removed for any reason, use the magnetic particle inspection process to check for cracks in the camshaft.Inspect the following components for signs of wear or for signs of scuffing:
Camshaft bearings
LiftersCaterpillar Inc. recommends replacing the crankshaft vibration damper.Oil Cooler Core
During an overhaul, Caterpillar Inc. recommends the removal of the oil cooler core. Clean the oil cooler core. Then, pressure test the oil cooler core.
Do not use caustic cleaners to clean the core.Caustic cleaners can attack the internal metals of the core and cause leakage.
Note: Use this cleaning procedure to clean the oil cooler core.
Remove the oil cooler core.
Remove any debris from the oil cooler core. To remove debris from the oil cooler

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