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Illustration 1 g00789504
One piece exhaust manifold
Illustration 2 g00789406
Three-piece exhaust manifoldThe service life of the exhaust manifold stud may be improved by a simple machining operation to the exhaust manifold assembly when you replace the exhaust manifold stud on the end of the 3306 engine. The retaining flat for the exhaust manifold is not spot faced on these engines. The two end flats have a draft angle which causes a bending of the stud as the nut is tightened. This raises the load on the stud as the manifold is heated and cooled. The machining operation will make that surface flat with the gasket surface of the manifold. The end studs should be replaced with a new stud that is more rugged. Spacers will also be used to center the manifold during installation. Perform the following repair when you repair the exhaust manifold stud.Note: Use anti-seize on all of the fasteners before installation.
Remove the manifold. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly Manual, "Exhaust Manifold - Remove".
Inspect the manifold for cracks. Replace the one piece exhaust manifold with the three-piece exhaust manifold if the manifold is cracked.If the manifold is not cracked, refer to the instructions below.
Remove all of the studs. If any of the studs are broken, remove the studs by drilling into the stud and use an Easy-Out to remove the broken stud.
Clean the gasket surfaces.
Illustration 3 g00789839
Top view of exhaust manifold and studs (1) 203-4184 Spacer (2) 205-3203 Stud (3) 205-3202 Stud
Replace the front 106-1793 Taperlock Stud with a 205-3202 Taperlock Stud.
Replace the rear 6V-1426 Taperlock Stud with a 205-3203 Taperlock Stud .Note: The 205-3203 Taperlock Studs may be used to replace the remaining 8 6V-1426 Taperlock Studs .
Torque studs to 27 4 N m (20 3 lb ft).
Illustration 4 g00789850
(1) Sealing surface (2) Mill or spotface (3) Exhaust manifold
Illustration 5 g00789872
(1) Sealing surface (2) Mill or spotface (3) Exhaust manifold
Ensure that the seating surface for the washer is parallel with the sealing surface for the head. Ensure that the sealing surface for the head is not warped. Refer to illustration 4.Note: Machine surface (2) in order to be parallel with the sealing surface of the head. Refer to illustration 5.
Install three new 9Y-1979 Manifold Gaskets .Note: Ensure that the side marked "This Side Out" is facing the manifold.
Place the two 203-4184 Spacers on the second stud from each of the ends.
Place the repaired manifold over the spacers.
Install the washers and the nuts on the studs on the ends of the manifold. Hand tighten the manifold in order to maintain the position of the manifold.
Remove the 203-4184 Spacers and install all of the remaining washers and nuts onto the studs except for stud 2 and stud 9.
Install the hard washers, the spacers, the shield, and the nuts on the two remaining studs.
Tighten the nuts to 47 4 N m (35 3 lb ft).Complete the installation. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly Manual, "Exhaust Manifold - Remove".

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