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HOSE AS. ELBOW TO TEE 9V9294 - Caterpillar

9V9294 HOSE AS. ELBOW TO TEE Caterpillar parts 225, 225D, 229, 231D HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 9V9294 HOSE AS. ELBOW TO TEE
Weight: 0.70 pounds 0 kg.

Buy HOSE AS. ELBOW TO TEE 9V9294 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

Compatible equipment models: 9V9294:

EXCAVATOR  225   225D   229   231D   Caterpillar
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Table 1
Hardware Part Numbers Affected    
Product Link Module     Hardware Part Number    
PL-151     209-6416    
PL-201     209-6417    
242-7205 New software is available for the Product Link PL-151 and PL-201 modules. Flash File 254-9114.FLS Monitor Software Group replaces 248-6254.FLS Communication Software Group and 254-9115.XML Monitor Software Group (modem file) replaces 248.6257.XML Monitor Software Group. Both 254-9114.FLS Monitor Software Group and 254-9115.XML Monitor Software Group (modem file) can be found on SISweb and should be updated together.
The Caterpillar Product Link System (CPLS) is Not compatible with these new versions of software. Some of the message formats were changed with this new software release and CPLS does not recognize those changes. After the update, machines will no longer be viewable using CPLS. Dealers that are not set up with Equipment Manager should Not perform this update.
Software Changes
When a machine is equipped with both Product Link PL-201 and a Machine Security System (MSS), the MSS key identification will be used to indicate Start/Stop times. This is actuated by the Product Link Office reporting system. The specific MSS key identification will be associated with the machine starts and stops.
When a machine has a PL-201 system, the Module Identifier (MID) will now contain more data. In previous versions, only the number of the MID was available, such as "36" for an engine ECM. The new data will now include a MID as well as a text description, a control group part number, and a serial number.
When a machine is equipped with either a Product Link PL-151 or PL-201 system, the user has more options for position reporting. The user can now choose up to four POSITION reports per day (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4). The default is four reports per day.
When a machine is equipped with either a Product Link PL-151 or PL-201 system, Product Watch transmissions will change. Any time the machine operates outside the defined watch window (Inclusive Area, Exclusive Area, or Time Based), a transmission will occur that generates an alarm. The alarm will be de-activated, whether the machine is running or not, when the machine is once again operating within the defined watch window.
This software release represents the final update for the PL-151/201 product line.Procedure
For proper flashing procedure of the modem file, refer to Special Instruction, REHS1753, "Product Link Modem Programming with Cat Electronic Technician (ET)".Note: After performing the update procedure, clear all logged codes. The flashing process will cause a "254-12" service code to appear. A "254-12" service code does not indicate that there is a problem after flashing.

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Caterpillar parts catalog

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