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INSULATION 3079724 - Caterpillar

3079724 INSULATION Caterpillar parts 24M INSULATION
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Caterpillar 3079724 INSULATION
Weight: 0.33 pounds 0 kg.

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MOTOR GRADER  24M   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 6
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Illustration 3 g00319807
Installed pins in the body of the truck
Illustration 4 g00319808
Installed retaining cableWhen the TCS test switch is changed from "OFF" to "TEST", the control box goes into the lamp test mode. In this test mode, all of the lamps will activate for five seconds. The lamps will then return to the normal state.When you disconnect a connector, check the connector for the following problems:
bent pins
broken pins
bent sockets
broken socketsIf any of the previous problems exist, clean the connectors or repair the connectors.When you check the indicated lamp for problems, another person should check the harness that is near the valve and the solenoid connectors. The harness should be checked for broken wires or broken connectors. Any broken wires or broken connectors may still be in contact. This could cause intermittent problems.The drive axle speed sensors may need to be readjusted. Refer to the Specifications section of this manual for the correct procedure for your specific machine.The transmission output shaft speed sensor is self-adjusting. Be certain that the sensor is tightened to the correct torque.
Illustration 5 g00319809
Traction control system electronic control moduleLamp Checks
Illustration 6 g00319810
Former TCS test switch 769C Truck
Illustration 7 g00319811
Current TCS test switch
Illustration 8 g00319812
Traction control system electronic control module (dual connector)
Illustration 9 g00319813
Traction control system electronic control module (single connector)Note: The current TCS has dual connectors and a harness adapter. The former TCS has a single connector. The harness adapter may not be installed on newer applications.The control box has twelve diagnostic lamps. These lamps activate for a five second lamp test when the TCS test switch is turned on. This allows the service person to determine whether any lamps are not functioning.The status of the lamps is determined in the following manner:
The electrical power lamp is on when the electrical power is turned on.
The lamp for the service brake and retarder switch is on when the service brake and retarder switch is applied.
The lamp of the vehicle identification is on when the harness code does not correspond to a valid code for a vehicle.
The lamp of the left brake solenoid or the left harness is on when there is an open or a short in the circuit of the left solenoid or the left harness.
The lamp of the right brake solenoid or the right harness is on when there is an open or a short in the circuit of the right solenoid or the right harness.
The lamp of the proportional valve solenoid or the proportional harness is on when there is an open or a short in the circuit of the proportional valve solenoid or the proportional harness.
The control box lamp could blink when the lamp is turned on or when a failure is detected in the control box.
The speed pickup lamp is on when the test switch is on and when there is at least one invalid sensor signal.
The test mode lamp is on when the test switch is on.
The transmission pickup lamp and the speed pickup lamps for the left and right axles are connected to a speed sensor.

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