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KIT, PACKINGLA 1C3815 - Caterpillar

1C3815 KIT, PACKINGLA Caterpillar parts KIT
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1C3815 KIT, PACKINGLA
Weight: 0.23 pounds 0 kg.

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Do not use a conventional coolant to top-off a cooling system using Extended Life Coolant.Do not use supplemental coolant additives (SCA) other than Extender in cooling systems filled with Extended Life Coolant.
Extended Life Coolant Cooling System Cleaning
If the cooling system is already using ELC, cleaning agents are not required to be used at the specified coolant change interval. Cleaning agents are only required if the system has been contaminated by the addition of some other type of coolant or by cooling system damage.Clean water is the only cleaning agent that is required when ELC is drained from the cooling system.ELC can be recycled. The drained coolant mixture can be distilled. The distillation process can remove the ethylene glycol and the water. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for more information.After you drain the cooling system and after you refill the cooling system, operate the engine while the radiator pressure cap is removed. Operate the engine until the coolant reaches the normal operating temperature and until the coolant level stabilizes. As needed, add the coolant mixture in order to fill the system to the proper level.Diesel Engine Antifreeze/Coolant (DEAC)
Caterpillar recommends using Caterpillar Diesel Engine Antifreeze/Coolant (DEAC) for cooling systems that require a heavy-duty coolant/antifreeze. Caterpillar DEAC is an alkaline single-phase ethylene glycol type antifreeze that contains corrosion inhibitors and antifoam agents.Caterpillar DEAC is formulated with the correct amount of Caterpillar Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). Do not use SCA at the initial fill when DEAC is used. The coolant that is in the engines of Caterpillar machines should be sampled after every 250 hours of operation. The results of the coolant sample will regulate the additions of the SCA. The life of the coolant for the Caterpillar DEAC is 3000 hours or every two years.Caterpillar DEAC is available as either a concentrate or a 1:1 premixed cooling solution. If concentrated Caterpillar DEAC is used, Caterpillar recommends dilution with distilled water or with deionized water. If distilled water or deionized water is not available, refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU6250, "General Coolant Information" in order to determine the requirements for acceptable water.Commercial Heavy-Duty Coolant/Antifreezes and SCA
If Caterpillar DEAC is not used, select a heavy-duty coolant/antifreeze with a low silicate content that meets "ASTM D4985" or "ASTM D5345". When a commercial heavy-duty coolant/antifreeze is used, the system must be treated with Caterpillar SCA to a concentration level that is between 3 percent and 6 percent by volume of the system. If a Caterpillar SCA is not used, select a commercial SCA with a minimum concentration of 1200 mg per Liter (70 grains per gallon) or 1200 parts per million of nitrites. Follow the SCA recommended guidelines for the maintenance of the coolant. In all cases, the Caterpillar guidelines for acceptable water must be followed. When you are not using a Caterpillar DEAC, the cooling system must be drained once during every year. The cooling system must be flushed at this time as well.Cooling System Maintenance
Never operate without thermostats in the cooling system.

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