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KIT-GASKET 3156672 - Caterpillar

3156672 KIT-GASKET Caterpillar parts 140H, 143H, 163H, 966G II, 966H KIT
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Caterpillar 3156672 KIT-GASKET
Weight: 0.97 pounds 0 kg.

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22 Jun 2021
1.5[0.68] Pounds
US: Highway And Heavy Parts
3156672 | Caterpillar Gasket Set- Rear Structure
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22 Apr 2019

Unknown: Unknown

10 Jul 2021
1.4991[0.67] Pounds
US: IronDT
CTP Caterpillar Kit-Gasket (3156672) Aftermarket
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Compatible equipment models: 3156672:

MOTOR GRADER  140H   143H   163H  
WHEEL LOADER  966G II   966H   Caterpillar


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Checks for correct chemical balance for proper heat and corrosion control. Tests for:* glycol* SCA concentrations* pH* conductivityS O S Coolant Analysis reports results and makes recommendations, usually within 24 hours. Consult with your Caterpillar dealer for more information.The concentration of SCA should be checked regularly for over or under concentration. This should be done with test kits, or S O S Coolant Analysis (Level I) at the Every 250 Hours interval.Further coolant analysis is recommended at twice a year or after every 1000 service hours.For example, suppose considerable deposits are found in the water jacket areas on the external cooling system, yet coolant additive concentrations were carefully maintained. Chances are that the coolant water had minerals which deposited on the engine over time.One way to verify the water condition, or to be sure of new water at fill time, is to have a coolant analysis conducted. Full water analysis can sometimes be obtained locally by contacting your local water utility company or an agricultural agent. Private laboratories are also available.Caterpillar recommends S O S Level II Coolant Analysis.Level II: Comprehensive Cooling System Analysis
Completely analyzes coolant and coolant effects on the cooling system. Level II Coolant Analysis provides:* full Level I analysis* visual properties inspection* metal corrosion and contaminant identification* identification of built-up impurities that point to corrosion and scaling problems BEFORE they lead to costly repairsLevel II Coolant Analysis provides a simple, clear report of results, and makes recommendations for the lowest cost corrective options.For more information on coolant analysis and how it can help you manage your equipment, see your Caterpillar dealer.

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