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3599750 KIT-ENGINE OVERHAUL Caterpillar parts 3516 KIT
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Caterpillar 3599750 KIT-ENGINE OVERHAUL

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GEN SET ENGINE  3516   Caterpillar
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Illustration 7 g02390477
Idler press
Refer to Table 4 for approximate idler weights. Tooling capable to service and support the idler safely is required. Refer to Illustration 6 for a typical idler service bench and Illustration 7 for a typical idler press.
Table 4
Approximate Idler Weights
Model Idler Assembly Weight Idler Shell Weight
D3 96 kg (212 lb) 68 kg (150 lb)
D6 240 kg (529 lb) 134 kg (295 lb)
D8 345 kg (761 lb) 307 kg (677 lb)
D11 910 kg (2006 lb) 805 kg (1775 lb)
5230 2500 kg (5512 lb) 1762 kg (3885 lb) Idler Reconditioning (Weld)
A weld process is used to recondition the wear surface of idlers. This process is a rebuild process that can be performed at a fraction of the cost of a new idler. Wear characteristics of the rebuilt idler are similar to the original idler. The repair process must be managed to ensure quality and efficiency.Refer to Undercarriage Reconditioning Bulletin, SEBF8552, "Idler Weld Rebuild Procedure" for information about the idler reconditioning process.Idler Welding
The typical work flow for idler welding operation includes the following steps:
Inspect the idler for reusability
Clean the idler
Disassemble the idler in the idler rebuild area
Prepare the idler shell for welding - clean and remove all debris from idler surface
Use idler welding machine to build up the wear surfaces to the original dimensions
Place idler in a well-insulated cool down box to allow idler to cool slowly. Idler should not be removed until all heat has slowly dissipated
Inspect idler for dimensional changes once idler cools to room temperature
Illustration 8 g02390478
Idler welding machine
Illustration 9 g02390479
Isolated idler weld area
The idler reconditioning information contained in Undercarriage Reconditioning Guide, SEBF8599 should be available at the work station for technician use. Refer to Illustration 8 for a typical idler welder and Illustration 9 for a typical idler reconditioning station with the recommended work flow .The weight of the idlers is a factor that must be considered. Efforts should be taken to secure the idler from falling or shifting. Refer to Table 4 for approximate idler weight.The floor plan in Illustration 9 is an isolated room that can be ventilated as necessary. The ventilation reduces the weld dust and contaminants that enter the assembly areas.Track Shoe Regrouser
Worn track shoes can be reconditioned by replacing the worn grouser bar with a new grouser bar. Replaceable grouser bars are available from multiple vendors.There is variation in processes that are used to regrouse a track shoe. However, the following process was selected to allow the process to meet the following requirements:
Contamination control of weld process
Prevent heat damage to related components
Shoes removed from tractor to eliminate need to have the tractor in the shop
Process efficiencyFloor space requirements are 14 m2 (144 ft2).Refer to Undercarriage Reconditioning Guide, SEBF8599 for a complete list of bulletins that discuss the grouser reconditioning process.Regrouser Process
The typical work flow for the regrouser operation includes the following steps:
Remove the track shoe from the link assembly.
Buff surface area of track shoe to remove contaminants.
Position track shoe in grouser trim

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